New Artist of the Day: Mahogany Hand Glider

MHG themeMahogany Hand Glider make precise, groovy instrumental music and describe themselves as experimental math-rockers, Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham has been listening to them

Mahogany Hand Glider are from Leeds and their EP Naked Huf is the very first release on the fantastically named Destroy All Records label. The EP, the wonderfully named Naked Huf can be grabbed from bandcamp for free here and is an exercise in precise, groovy instrumental music. They stray into a jazz based sound especially when they use the saxophone on ‘This Isn’t Funny Anymore’ which brings to mind the frantic playing on the Stooges stone cold classic album Funhouse.


The music is very thought out, very cerebral and very rewarding to listen to. It’s a sit down and immerse yourself kind of a groove. The drum patterns are off beat and unusual which works very well when the guitar tunes over the top are repeated. There’s nothing wasteful in the noise they make and they keep you focused and enjoying the record. It’s summery, light and bright like a brilliant blue sky spreading out above you. The music goes from very delicate at the start of ‘Trojan Huf’ to laid back and jazzy at the end of the seven minute ‘This Isn’t Funny Anymore’. All the songs on the EP are over five minutes long which gives them chance to breath and grow. The funky groove underneath the sound carries you forward and the shimmering polish of the production lets the music slide along carrying you with it.

Destroy All Monsters have a winner here. As a first release it’s a great start and the Leeds based label will no doubt give us much more to enjoy in the future. They are well worth half an hour of your day, go and check them out.

Mahogany Hand Glider can be found on Facebook here. You can check them out on bandcamp here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.

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