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Ska punk is a much overused musical genre.

Worldwide there are a million groups playing the form, who all sound remarkably similar.

Somehow, Late Night Fiasco have added something to the genre with their remarkably self assured demo that adds a genuine power to the form that is so often lacking and a real songwriting talent that makes their songs both catchy and really affecting.

The band is ridiculously tight Matt and Howard Morgan have rasping and powerful voices that hint at the delivery of Operation Ivy- still the greatest band of ska punk. There is a whiff of Mad Caddies – who also stretch the ska punk thing as well as scene stalwarts like Less Than Jake and NoFX.

The trio have played a handful of gigs and festivals and already have the talent to make a real mark on the grass roots on the ska punk scene and into the punk festivals like Rebellion where they could really make an impact.



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