New Artist Of The Day: Kynchinlay

Dark Pop With Bunnymen Edge.

Liverpool based Kynchinlay sound great- they’re already very accomplished with swirling, dark but highly melodic songs. They’re like a prime time Echo And The Bunnymen with the same salt stained anthemic songs and command of dynamics.

Many have tried this genre of music but few have succeeded. KynchinLay have got this thing down perfectly though and there is massive potential here with a whole bagful of great songs already recorded.

KynchinLay’s Facebook page is here & they’re on Twitter as @KynchinLay.

They also have a Bandcamp page where you can buy their “EP!” for a single pound.


  1. You’ve said it all about the recorded music and live they are a powerhouse, well worth getting out the house to see.

  2. Finger on the pulse as always! This band are great, can’t wait until the make a video for one of their songs so we can feature it on our campaign page!

  3. A truly awesome sound live from only a 3 piece. You’ve gota go see them to appreciate it!!
    Destined for the big time any day soon


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