Kid Wave Shelley single cover

Kid Wave Shelley single cover

More shoegazey, mellow 90’s alt-influenced goodness comes across the desks at Louder Than War in the form of London’s Kid Wave. Chris Hearn takes a listen to our New Artist of the Day.

For a band that released its first demos in late 2012, London’s Kid Wave sure sound established, completely together and incredibly experienced when they really ought not to be at this stage. This does not sound like a band in its infancy. The core duo of Lea Emmery and Mattias Bhatt have returned with two new songs, released as of July 29th on Battle Worldwide Recordings. So, to celebrate the release, BWR’s Darren Smallman got a hold of us at Louder Than War and said, “Hey! Take a listen!” Boy am I glad he did! All four songs that I have heard thus far from Kid Wave are nothing less than spectacular, both the rawer demos and the slicker new stuff.

I find myself quite excited about this band and am not afraid to give them a glowing golden review, because they most definitely deserve it! It’s fair to say this is another band existing within the resurgence of shoe-gaze music or the alternative sounds of the 90’s with PJ Harvey being tossed around plenty as a comparison. They remind me a whole lot of Lush. Sometimes they remind me of The Breeders, or even Dinosaur Jr. Pavement has come up as another comparison. Indeed, a good one, but Kid Wave is still more chilled out than that. This is campfire music, with plenty of warm amps and lovely, fuzzy, distorted ‘smore filled feedback.

Although I like everything they have done thus far, I have to say I particularly love the new single, “Shelley”, putting it on top of the four as my favourite. Catchy, mellow, interesting and did I mention catchy? It’s catchy! The fuzzed out, guitar soaked pyscho hallucination-esqe sound of ‘Brimstone’ is well worth checking out, being harder edged and a tad more aggressive, illustrating a diversity in sound, and a willingness to create a bit of chaos, though a chilled chaos it still is. It’s the rawest, most lo-fi of their four songs. And, best yet, you can get it free (along with ‘All I Want’) right now from their bandcamp page. So download away!

With coming out of the box this strong, it’s exciting to imagine what the future can be for Kid Wave. Seldom do you hear this level of confidence in such a young band. Equally impressive has been their record label which is really on top of things, wants this band to be seen and known about and provides quality PR material that looks good and cuts to the chase. It seems fitting that a band like Kid Wave would hook up with Battle Worldwide Recordings. They are set to conquer the indie rock world together, and if they don’t climb to the top, there really is no justice.

Check out Kid Wave on Facebookbandcamp and Soundcloud. Also, take a look at some of the other cool bands on Battle Worldwide Recordings at their website.

Words by Chris Hearn. More writing by Chris on Louder Than War can be found here.

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