New Artist of the Day: John Lennon McCullagh

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You know when you hear someone really good that it blows you way- it transcends influences and decades and makes something old sound brand new?

John Lennon McCullagh is a prodigiously talented 15 year old who has got that early Dylan folk blues thing so down that it sounds like a lost demo of some American troubadour of the times that we don’t know about yet. With a middle name like ‘lennon’ you really are going to have to be able to back it up and he does.

The DIY quality of the sound and his brilliant guitar playing with slashed of harmonica are perfect in creating the atmosphere for his rasping voice that belies his tender youth and sounds both world weary and rousingly plaintive and brimming with a confidence that can fill a room.

The Doncaster based singer songwriter is working his way through a set of covers but filling it up fast with his own great songs. At the moment he is a best kept secret but has all the talent and genuine cool to really breakthrough.



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