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Let’s RAWK! Simon Tucker steps outside of his musical comfort zone and finds New Artist of the Day, Fluff Tongue.

Right then, before I start waffling on about how great this band is, please let me explain that I really do not normally like what people term ‘Rawk Music’. I mean, I went through a Metal phase when I was younger (Maiden, Metallica, etc.) but I left all the poodle rock and Heavy Metal loving to my cousins. So for me to be writing about one of these type of bands they must be pretty special, and boy oh boy are they special.

Fluff Tongue was formed by Ben Milner, formerly of the group Jarcrew, and bassist Rob Hopkins with the intention of making some “new noise”. After enlisting Marc Bond on drums and Jay McCreary on lead guitar, the band were ready. Playing many gigs around Swansea and the rest of Wales, the band are becoming tighter and tighter. The band were finalists and second place finishers in Terrorizer’s Battle of the Bands regional heats.


The reason I write about this band is because of their uniqueness. Like I said before, I’m not that keen on a lot of heavy rock, yet I am drawn to this band because of what they offer that is so different to other bands that I have heard in this genre. They bring great musicality (check them out live), and a large amount of variety to their music. The staple bands seem to be in there, but so do bands like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., Primus, Mike Patton, and Slint. Some of their tracks hit the 7 minute mark and don’t go believing this is Megadeth fret-wanking riffery, or prog rock noodlings that take them to this length. It is the sheer amount of ideas and bending of expectations that force the music into different avenues. Just as you think you know exactly what type of track you are listening to is, there’s a time change or a random verse thrown in just to mess with your head. Listen to the track ‘Jam’ if you don’t believe me.


The band are on the up, and are gaining a large amount of fans through touring and sheer word of mouth. They’ve released some recorded material but will start recording their first album proper sometime in February.

Check out some of the links for the pure essence of the band. Tap them up on twitter or Facebook and if you own a venue, and you want a real band to play there, contact them ASAP (warning, you may lose your roof).

Words by Simon Tucker. More writing by Simon on Louder Than War can be found here.

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