Leeds based noiseniks Flies On You (Facebook page) are a DIY post punk band  based in Leeds and they’re are making a great racket.

The band feature former members of the great Nerve Rack and understand how to make a tight, clipped noise rock that combines the grunt and grind of the Burnel bass with a dark and brooding take on post punk.

Their debut album, Nothing To Write Home About was released on September 3rd 2012.

The band have recently been making an impact on Bandcamp and in these post Peel times their story is being spread on the internet- if you like your music somewhere between Big Black, the Stranglers, Gang Of Four and other tough redesigners of rock and armed with a touch of punk/industrial/neu Goth then check them out.



  1. I’ve had this album for a few months now and I reckon it’s some of the best music I’ve heard in ages. Sharp, dark, punky and witty, works for me!


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