Fierce Mild
What we say
In the great tradition of the angular post punk bands like Delta 5, the Slits and through the Riot Grrrls and the godlike Kathleen Hanna Fierce Mild are an all girl trio who make music of their own a long way away from the grunting male rock. They are also quite brilliant with fully realised songs that contain great tunes and precision playing and a real sense of space that manage to combine the toughness of the form with a real sense of pop. I heard their demo played back on a mobile phone and was instantly captivated by its stark and beautiful brilliance. They have the songs and the capability to make a real impression.
What they say
Fierce Mild are a trio playing angular post-punk, riot grrrl, up-tempo, dancey funk-punk. Layered harmonies coupled with vocal yells Fierce Mild bring protest songs kicking and screaming into 2014.
In the wake of the Party Weirdo / Janey Mac apocalypse comes Fierce Mild. Members include Cara Holmes, singer of songs who in her spare time edits pictures and sounds into documentary fabric. Cathy Ahearne, Dublin based drum hero with a passion for progression. Rossella Bottone, Italian hot-shot, who takes the bass to quantum places and is the cherry on top of this fierce musical frenzy.


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