New Artist of the Day: Fat Goth

A new year brings new music, new albums and all kinds of LTW New Artist of the Day candidates! Today, Joe Whyte introduce you to dark humoured rawkers, Fat Goth. 

Dundonian newcomers Fat Goth are, unsurprisingly, neither fat, nor goths. Their music is an intriguing hybrid of post-hardcore and proggy metal. Intricate rhythms and riffing, bludgeoning power chords and lyrics that have a deftness and lightness of touch that belies the occasionally blood-curdling delivery.

Second album ‘Stud’ will be out soon on Hefty Dafty Records and you can check out their free to download stuff on their bandcamp page.

‘Stud’ is a hotchpotch of styles, albeit never straying far from their rock roots. Single ‘Creepy Lounge’ has been garnering much airplay north of the border and several renowned radio jocks (pun intended) have listed them in their “Ones to watch in the New Year” lists.


Foregoing any current trends, FG forge their own very unique style. Drummer Mark Keiller and recently joined bass player Kevin Black have, to these ears, a fair old dose of Fugazi’s ‘Thirteen Songs’ in their DNA.

There’s a much more 21st Century feel to them that that, though. Vocalist and guitar-mangler-in-chief Fraser Stewart manages to wring unearthly sounds from his six strings whilst ricocheting between whispered, treated vocals and deathly shrieks. It’s difficult to quantify that they are a three—piece given the sheer power and attack of much of their material.

New Artist of the Day: Fat Goth

Fat Goth are unafraid to mix it up; ‘Pinball Moron’ is a country-fried, sweet-toned acoustic duet with The Hazey Janes’ Alice Marra providing the angelic counterpoint to Stewart’s unsettling baritone. It’s not unlike a nightmarish vision of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris filtered through FG’s very weird world.

The fabulously titled ‘Debbie’s Dirty Harry’ is a searing blur of riffology and bass runs that remind me a little of New Model Army’s early material with a dose of Killing Joke, but that’s maybe just an age thing. Stewart’s vocals are all Mike Patton sarcasm and Jesus Lizard snap.

‘Creepy Lounge’ is very much their signature sound; slippery bass, clipped guitar riffs and precision drumming. Fat Goth are a band who aren’t afraid to add a healthy dose of gallows humour but there’s little fat on the bones when they get to balls-out rocking.

Most definitely, one to watch this year.

The album ‘Stud’ will be released on 28th Jan 2013. Check them out on Facebook!

Words by Joe Whyte. More writing by Joe on Louder Than War can be found here.

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Joe Whyte is guitarist with punk rockin' Johnny Cash tribute Jericho Hill and reformed 70's punks Reaction. He has formerly played with End Result, Reverend Snakehips Country Messiahs, God-Fearing Atheists and many, many other failed attempts at rock notoriety. Joe also writes for Vive Le Rock and Louder Than War magazine. He lives in Glasgow and in his other less glamorous life works in mental health.


  1. This track Creepy Lounge is absolutely superb, one of the best tracks I’ve heard from your new artists of the day page. Kind of reminds me of The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and others mentioned above I’m going to investigate Fat Goth further…in fact I’m going to do that right now.
    Just one more thing though, not sure that the name of the band is entirely appropriate, especially when you consider this site ran an article about the demonisation of goths in the wake of the U.S. school shooting spree.


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