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It’s not often that something lands in your lap that sounds stunningly original and beautifully odd.


Faerground Accidents sound fully formed, the Manchester band like to say there is a bit of Pulp about what they do but they harken into deeper, darker and funnier territory. These are acidic and grand songs laced with arsenic lyrical wit and melodies full of grandeur.


The singer, Bo Mar, sounds like some sort of collision between Morrissey, Marc Almond and Howard Devoto, those awkward northern one offs with lyrics and attitude to kill for. There is love, romance, murder, sex and danger running through the words that cut through the brilliantly arranged songs baroque moodiness.

The words are borderline psychotic and quite definitely genius. The band is so new that it’s on the local circuit playing round Manchester but genius like this is not for the local band circuit and I think we may just have found our latest English indie godhead to entertain us in these barbaric times with lyrical barbs and a truly great singing voice that has you soaring with joy and laughing and crying out loud to the songs of heart breaking as the voice twists and turns with brilliant phrasing.


Musically the band are superb and the songs are full of quirky and moody keyboards and great guitar playing that is a nod to the fab Johnny Marr in parts. Musically it’s really adept and the choruses are killer.

If this band is not massive by next summer then you are all deaf.


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