New Artist of the Day: Empire Escorts

New Jersey coughs up another rough rock and roll band that will appeal to the grunge, metal and heavy blues loving working man.

I constantly hear people complain about the state of music these days, focusing on X Factor and Simon Cowell and how he is single handily driving popular music into the ground. Well, ya, I mean, Simon Cowell is responsible for a pretty terrible blight on the pop culture, but I have to say that in my time working with Louder Than War, I have come to see just how many great bands are out there doing some really cool stuff. Good music is alive and well, ladies and gentlemen. Just turn of the TV, don’t worry about Cowell, and start exploring.

With that rant aside, let me introduce you to Empire Escorts. Do you like to rock? These guys totally do. They remind me a lot of bands like Maylene and the Sons of Disaster with that raw, metal-meets-blues sound, or the grungy heaviness of Alice in Chains, or the garage rock of Turbowolf. They are able to walk some fine lines, however. Though they sound like Maylene and Turbowolf, they manage to hold back a little from being too heavy and remain accessible for a larger audience, and though they are modern rock tinged, they are able to distance themselves far away from Creed or Nickelback with a rawer, edgier, more creative sound.

Like many bands and artists from New Jersey, they have a “working man” sound and feel to them. It must be something in the Jersey water that gives people a down to earth, solidarity with the people kind of vibe. There is a bit of a grunge throw back to these guys as well, especially Soundgarden or Pearl Jam. Seattle is a working town as well, and grunge reflected that. So, it all goes hand in hand.


This is a band I am excited about. I love their sound, especially on ‘Electric Whiskey’, from their début self-titled album which is just such an energy packed, dynamic rawk song. There is some amazing guitar work here that loudly screams out that the guitar is NOT DEAD, and real rock and roll is still alive! The live video is also great, and makes me want to see them on stage. Well done!

‘The Weather’, the single off their ‘The Weather EP’ comes with a high production video, however, it is a bit more restrained than the live video for ‘Electric Whiskey’. They seem to have gone for a bit safer of a song for their single. By safer, I mean, less in your face, more straightforward, more “radio friendly” for lack of a better word. That’s not saying it’s a bad song at all, because it’s still damn good. And the video is well done and deserved to win the award it got for “Best Music Video” at the Garden State Film Festival.


So yes. I am excited. Good guitar bands still exist and Empire Escorts is one of them. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a long, fruitful career by these guys, and they reach the success that they deserve. And rock and roll will live on!

You can visit Empire Escorts on their official website, Facebook, twitter, and Soundcloud.

Words by Chris Hearn. More writing by Chris on Louder Than War can be found here.

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