Dead Wolf Club – Healer EP (Big Tea Records)

Limited edition 10” coloured vinyl and via digital download.

Out Now

Dead Wolf Club are a four piece that met on an aerolane on the way to Paris. They have a new 10 inch, Healer EP, out now and we at Louder Than War think you should be listening to it – and them.

Dead Wolf Club are, according to the band, DARK PUNK GEEK RAGE all in capitols and all absolutely spot on. They met on a flight to Paris and even though half of them live in Prague they are London based.

They have just released their new four track EP, ‘Healer’, their first on Big Tea Records and for your hard earned cash you get a proper ten inch slab of exquisite vinyl and a copy of Tea Times, the label’s fanzine which you can flick through while you listen to the brilliant single and look at the crossword at the back deciding whether you will fill it in or keep the little zine pure and pristine. For the record I haven’t filled mine in yet but am getting itchy fingers just thinking about it.

When you eventually slip the record on and listen you get four slices of edgy, hard edged geek punk… If they said they are who am I to argue… The thing that strikes you is the restraint, the music feels like it’s ready to explode into thrashing rage but instead it just builds up the paranoia and the darkness until you can’t stand it. The vocals go from shouting and screaming to gentle and haunting, they build harmonies behind the rest of the music. It’s got an emotional core that is missing from so much that I hear today, it’s a slice of what I think of as a British sound, that standing-on-the-edge aloofness that we have, awkwardness that translates into the best sound.

This is a band that you want to get behind now, I’m going to go catch them at the earliest opportunity I get and will be checking out the rest of their output. Dead Wolf Club are the new band of the day now but they could well be the best new band of the year some time soon.

Dead Wolf Club are on Facebook here and can be found on Twitter as @DeadWolfClub.

All words by Adrian Bloxham, more work by Adrian on LouderThanWar can be found here.


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