The Cronin brothers return with a new project called, simply enough, Cronin who are LTW’s New Artist of the Day. You can now say you read about them before they became big.

The other day, I said to my boss, “Boss, send me over a few random albums to review!” So, he did. Either he knows me well, or karma was on my side, because both turned out to be top notch winners. So, first off, let’s talk about new Irish band, Cronin.

I’m completely digging these guys, and without meaning to turn them into “one hit wonders” it all hinges around one song, ‘There’s a Darkness’ which has been on repeat on my MP3 playing machine for the last few days. It’s such a good, catchy, interesting song. That’s not to say the other three on the EP don’t deserve credit, because they certainly do.


At the moment, they have one EP out (appropriately titled ‘Introduction Recordings’) which is described as “a collection of songs that have been knocking around for a while, a sort of cleaning out of the cupboards before their next EP due in late March 2013.” Well, let me tell you, if this is just what they have just knocking around, I can’t wait for more. All four of these songs are well done, well produced and, interestingly enough, all rather different from one another, suggesting a certain amount of diversity which will hopefully be further defined with the release of more music.

For better or worse, these guys have somewhat of a 90’s mainstream rock sound; You know that sound, that kind that took radio by storm two decades back, with bands like Tonic, Marcy’s Playground, Gin Blossoms, Third Eye Blind and such? They have that similar idea going, whether intentional or not. This is accessible, fairly radio friendly stuff though there is also a decent amount of straying far from the beaten path that makes it intriguing. There is twinge of country or blues, some good feedback drenched guitar work, and some interesting electronic add-ins and synth work that give these songs rather unique, and at times quite layered sounds. It is stuff that begs to be cranked up loud at times.


Apparently, Cronin is two brothers, Johnny and Mick (whose last names are Cronin, and who were in The Aftermath), who collaborate with other artists. As their Facebook page puts it, “Some of the heroes who will appear on later recordings are Shane MacGowan from The Pogues, Steve Wickham from The Waterboys and Irish music legend BP Fallon.” Okay, so they are teaming up with a few heavyweights here. Impressive indeed. I’m looking forward to hearing what these collaborations will bring. Wickham is already on this EP playing violin on ‘I Wish My Love Would Die’, which is a fantastic, BIG, dramatic song that, apparently, Vinny Cavanagh from Anathema says is one of his favourite songs of all time (according to Facebook). Wow. There you have it. Ironically, the lead vocals on Cronin sound a whole lot like Vinny’s voice.

Simply put, the best way I can sum this up is by saying this is good, good stuff. It’s not an original or creative of way of saying it, but it’s true. I’m duly impressed by what Cronin has on offer thus far, and I think it bodes well for the future of the band. And, it has me interested in looking more into The Aftermath. More good stuff to listen to?

You can find Cronin on Facebook, bandcamp where you can download this EP for free, but if you can find it in your heart to pay a few dollars or pounds or pesos or whatever currency you deal in, that would probably be much appreciated by the band.

Words by Chris Hearn. More writing by Chris on Louder Than War can be found here.

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