New Artist of the Day: Calling All Astronauts

Our New Artist of the Day today is Calling All Astronauts – a London-based electro industrial goth punk hit of wonder. 

Calling All Astronauts is a three piece electro-industrial-goth-punk outfit from London town, headed by David B, who does vocals, keyboards and programming, JJ Brownlee on guitar and on the bass there is Kristy Bury. To me, this is just straight industrial with no additional categories needed. It’s industrial.

Musically and lyrically, Calling All Astronauts remind me of bands like Skinny Puppy or Front 242. Could they be influences? Well, seeing as these bands have influenced a ton of industrial outfits, I would imagine they had some influence in some way somewhere along the line. On the band’s Reverbnation site, they list Sisters of Mercy and New Order as bands they sound like. And, they are right, which makes sense seeing as they wrote it.

“What’s So Good About?” is Calling All Astronauts’ third single since November of 2011 and comes in three deliciously dark flavored mixes. The first thing that grabs me when I listen to this song is the voice. David B sounds like a messed up vampire on downers. Just listening to him, he sounds like something that would come out of the dark and suck your face off!

Then you see the dude in a picture or in video, and he’s got this fresh faced look, topped off with this shock of spikey blond hair and you think “hey, he doesn’t look like he would sink his teeth into my neck and tear out my entrails!”

He looks like a nice guy who just happens to have a deep, freaky voice that works perfectly with this industrial stuff. He sounds eerily like Peter Murphy of Bauhaus and face it, if you have a voice like that, you only have one direction you can possibly go in life and that is into an industrial band. I’m sorry, there is no other path.

As far as the lyrics, the use of questioning (sometimes with sarcastic humour) is well done and effective in trying to get their political views put forth without being heavy-handed and beating you across the brow.

At first, I thought it was rather Right Said Fred-ish, listing off all the things he is too sexy for. But, in the end, this approach works well. What IS so good about….whatever. “What is so good about being in a boy band?” The answer? Depends who you are I guess. “What’s so good about dying for a cause?” Yes. Good question. What is so good about it? Yet there are millions out there who have or are willing to do so. “What’s so good about eins, zwei, drei?” Well, if you are German trying to buy one egg, two buns and three ginger ales, there is nothing wrong with it.

This trio has been creating a bit of a buzz from what I read and I can see why. They do what they do well. I read rumour that there is supposed to be a full length coming, and it was supposed to have arrived over the past summer. What happened to it? Where is it? I want it.

I’ve been impressed at their two singles (and their variety of versions) that I have heard thus far (“Winter of Discontent” and “Someone Like You”) plus a live version of a song called “Faith In Your Cause” and a cover of Human League’s “Thing’s That Dreams Are Made Of”. Based on these, I feel this is one of those bands that people should say “this is a band to watch” about and not just because I keep reading that they are a band to watch, but because they are a good band with a good sound.

I’m looking forward to this full length! Come on folks, where is it?

Here’s some ways to check out Calling All Astronauts:

All words by Chris Hearn. You can read more from Chris on LTW here.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated, the album will finally be out in February, it has been delayed because I can’t keep my hands off it, I keep going back and changing a drum loop of tweaking a guitar, it’s got to the stage when Ive just had to say “no more”.

    David – Calling All Astronauts


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