Raw, rough, lo-fi, DIY, surf punk rock and roll. That’s what London/Brighton’s Boneyards deliver with a ton of energy and humour.

The past comes alive again, as Boneyards revisits the sounds of the Ramones, the Cramps, the Dead Kennedy’s, Buzzcocks and The Stooges. And they do it in cheeky, rebellious, all out fun, and intensely loud way!

Speedy three chord punk, with a surf rock vibe popping up in decent amounts is what Boneyards delivers with skill, and a very rough, raw DIY production standard. Their just freshly released EP Rest in Beach is a quick, fast blast of fun fused, loud, lo-fi goodness. You can get it now online, and start getting excited TODAY for the limited edition 7” vinyl to be release at some future, yet to be determined time.

The three piece band from London and Brighton (yes, they are so great they cover two cities at the same time!), is made up of James Burgess, Severin Black and Joe Murphy. They have just signed to Strong Island Recordings, and the PR material sent over to me from the label lists a whole pile of bands and artists that Boneyards can be compared to….NONE of which I have heard of. So, that didn’t help me a lot, but it did give me a whole list of new bands to check out which is much appreciated. Some of those on the list included Moonhearts, Fidlar, The Coachwhips, Sealings, and Old Forest, and indeed, they do sound rather similar to one another. Strong Island touts them as being part of a “new breed” of British talent. For a new breed, they sure sound like an old breed. But, everything comes back around eventually it seems.


Really though, in the end, this is just a damn fine band. If the energy that is given off by the new EP could be harnessed, it could run the London Eye for a month. I’m sure of it. Positive, though I have no scientific proof that is possible. It’s just fun to hear a band that plays so hard, so solidly, just rip it up! It’s no frills rawk, which I think we all need to listen to now and again to remember just how raw and rough good music really can be. It’s like hugging a tree, getting back to the roots, getting back to nature, getting back to the bare essentials of living. This is the bare essentials, the roots of all that is rock, punk and surf. It’s all killer, no filler. Mind you, with only four songs on their new EP there isn’t much room for filler.

So, are you convinced yet? Don’t take my word for it. You don’t need me. You just need to listen. The music speaks for themselves, as do their wacky, funny, low budget videos. What more do you need to know? Nothing. This is music that needs no explanation, no hype and no introduction. It’s stuff you grew up on. It’s stuff you love already. Boneyards continues on the lineage of fine, rough, raw rock. Period.

You can catch up with Boneyards on Facebook, Soundcloud, tumblr, YouTube and bandcamp. Also, check out Strong Island Recordings on Facebook and their official site.

Words by Chris Hearn. More writing by Chris on Louder Than War can be found here.

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