New Artist of the Day – Bent Cousin

Another day, another new band to introduce you to. Get your weekend started the right way with some punchy punk pop from twins Amelia and Pat AKA Bent Cousin.

‘@sarahlay We stole our Nan’s purse. And spent her pension on cement. That we feed to penguins. And laughed as they sank. We are unpleasant.’

Unpleasant? Maybe, but Bent Cousin are by turns entertainingly surreal and boundary-pushing cheeky in their approach to getting their music heard. And heard it deserves to be.

They describe themselves as ‘cutecore/acid punk/Osmonds on cheap whizz’. I’d say this is punchy pop punk with rumbling basslines, gutsy riffs and lyrics that could cut as soon as delight you.

There is energy in these tunes, more than just the exuberance of youth (which by-the-by they have on their side) but the compelling, and compelled, energy of those who’ve found they must unleash music on the world.

Amelia’s vocal has a touch of Lily Allen, the influence of the much-missed Poly Styrene here too. There’s touches of great ’80s pop, the attitude of punk and melodies and construction of the very best of Britpop (ie the bits that didn’t find themselves sucked into the corporate greed machine and spat out as Stars with Guitars).

They’ve smart lyrics that don’t shy away from anything – I Wanna Be Your Slave a mischievous critique of reality TV, the seediness and soullessness of making celebrities rather than musicians.

This is Bent Cousin’s way – intoxicating top tones of playfulness and fun that turn into an altogether darker trip once you’ve been pulled under by them. But once you’ve had one hit you do want to go back for more. A worthwhile addiction.

You can find Bent Cousin on Twitter and their tunes are up on Soundcloud too. You can also give them the old thumbs up on Facebook.

All words by Sarah Lay. You can read more from Sarah on LTW here or you can follow her on Twitter.

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Sarah is a former editor of Louder Than War and a freelance music writer for numerous other publications online and in print. Co-owner of Reckless Yes Records she has put out music by LIINES, Pet Crow and lots of other awesome bands as well as put on shows by bands including Bivouac, Mark Morriss, Desperate Journalist and Dream Nails. She's an author, user experience designer and digital content strategist, as well as an occasional broadcaster. Sarah is a compulsive collector of coloured vinyl, a believer in the boogie and is in love with possibilities.


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