Youngstrr Joey

Youngstrr JoeyGlasgow’s prolific Youngstrr Joey is making so much great music that Louder Than War’s Ioan Humphreys is getting a bit giddy!

There is something stirring in Glasgow. There is a quickening! (sorry, I loved Highlander) There is a DIY movement that is starting to make waves throughout the rest of the UK!!……. This is fantastic!!……. but this isn’t exactly news is it? Because if there is a place. A city. A community. An artist’s canvas that generates more great bands, more DIY scenes, more innovation, more great subversive music, more characters and more range than Glasgow? Then I would like an answer on the back of a postcard please! (oldies need only apply as anyone over the age of 20 won’t have a clue what I said there…)

So with some great heritage behind him, we have Youngstrr Joey (aka Cal Donnelly) who hails from Glasgow and is currently plowing his own experimental, lo-fi/outsider music furrow within said city’s music scene. And people are starting to take notice. Self releasing his music on cassette (fucking a) on the (gloriously named) Song, By Toad label.

His latest cassette finds himself obeying Dogma 95esque rules to his music making by restricting the recording and writing time to between 9pm and 5am. This creates what has already been coined ‘lo-fi insomniac rock’ which I like, but which I thinks distracts from the music somewhat. Youngstrr Joey is only 19, but already showing that he is insanely creative and possesses an innate ability to craft a tune or imagine a scenario, with a guitar sound that is bordering on grotesque and lyrics that defy his age and experience. Somehow though, it all works. Check out the soundcloud link below. It just goes on forever!!!

His cassette is out on Song, By Toad on 12th Feb 2016.


Youngstrr Joey can be found on SoundcloudBandcamp and Facebook.

All words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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