New Artist of the Day – The Broxton Hundred

New Artist of the Day really is a new one today – The Broxton Hundred have only been together around five months but are already prolific on the London live scene and their pop/psych rock is definitely worth a listen.

Owing a musical debt to The La’s and the Stone Roses, The Broxton Hundred formed in early 2012 and are already showing off a great set of tunes and live performances belying the short length of time they’ve been together.

There is a hefty dose of psychedelia in the tripping, tight guitar lines; punch-drunk funk in the in-your-face bass; pop sensibilities as the vocals find their groove.

There are some really smooth sounds coming from this band. Luxuriously rich layers of sound for a three-piece and some laid-back grooves that show a confidence and joy in the playing of their own songs.

They mix it up too though – will racing, paranoid bass line playing hide and seek in the shadows cast by the silence as much as the sound in the minimalist percussion. The vocals owe as much to Anthony Keidis as any Madchester legend on tracks which take on a California surf-pop vibe, mixing the kitchen sink drama of Brit rock with the sunshine riffs.

There is something definitely familiar about the tunes here but the exact pedigree is elusive – there is alternative ’80s peeking through, sometimes heading toward Style Council territory but there is also ’90s garage and grunge in the mix. And something very now about the playful guitar.

It’s this guitar that provides the light, is the foil to the darker, more ominous rhythm and vocal. The contrast is intriguing, as is the occasional sudden tempo changes and the addition of Middle Eastern influences here and there.

Sure, there are some weaker moments; Ocean Colour Scene on a particularly lazy day. But these moments are few and forgivable given the tight, confident, creative sounds on most songs.

If you can catch this band live do so, if not then keep your fingers crossed they get something released sooner rather than later.

You can hear a recording of a live set by the band here (zipped download).

All words by Sarah Lay. You can read more from Sarah on LTW here or follow her on Twitter.

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