New Artist of the Day: Shannon And The Clams

Headed by Shannon Shaw today’s new band of the day make a fun sort of garage rock which isn’t without hints of your favourite 60’s girl bands such as The Shangri- La’s & The Ronettes. Obviously great then. Maren’s been taken in by them & tells you why you should be too below.


Let’s talk about Oakland, California for a minute. Just a short drive across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, Oakland offers a lively music scene that has that has harbored popular musicians from nearly every imaginable genre. In addition to the impressive roster of hip hop, indie rock, and pop legends that call the greater San Francisco area home, the region has also played host to the talent of Shannon Shaw. Shaw is a former member of the locally celebrated Hunx and His Punx group, and doubled-up in her musical endeavors by creating her own project, Shannon and the Clams, a few years ago.


Here’s the recipe: Gritty female vocals, a 1950s malt shop soundtrack and the aesthetics of the garage rock genre, with a bit of sass thrown in. Blend these together, and you have something in the neighborhood of Shannon and the Clams. The band has the edgy, DIY and smart attitude down pat, as heard in their outrageously fun LP I Wanna Go Home. “Troublemaker,” “You Can Come Over,” and “The Warlock in the Woods” offer punky takes on mid-century pop sounds, where “Blast Me to Bermuda” and “Cat Party” are faster and grittier. The band’s admiration for mid-century pop songs clearly has a foot planted in the Ramones domain, though the distorted female vocals and surfy guitar set the band into territory all their own.

Shannon and the Clams have the bubbling energy, lo-fi recording quality, and collision of vintage and modern that promise an amazing live performance. Lucky folks can catch them on their current tour, which offers performances across the West Coast, Europe and Puerto Rico throughout the fall. Those of us who aren’t within visiting distance can be on the lookout for their three upcoming 7” releases, which will be put out on 1-2-3-4- Go! Records. The new material will hit the shelves mid-August.

Shannon & The Clams website is here and they tweet as @shanandtheclams

All words by Maren McGlashan. You can read more from Maren on LTW here.

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Maren lives on the East Coast of the United States. She is a film student with an interest in sound design, with dreams of becoming a Foley artist. Maren is into vintage punk rock, edgy fashion and DIY culture. She hasn\'t made the transition from CD to mp3, and has a killer LP collection. We\'re still waiting for her to enter the 21st century...



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