poundshopSean Diamond delves a little deeper into the world of Poundshop Prophets, an enigmatic bunch making an “alternative / electronic / pop / rock” sound.

Who or what are Poundshop Prophets? Details are sketchy to say the least! The only info I am able to find on them through their facebook page is that they are based in Brighton and Hove, have been making music since 22 April 2015 and appear to be led by a producer called Collin Deurance. According to their brief bio, they are “a collaboration of different musicians coming together into one entity with alternative ideas and music from life experiences.” Apart from a black and white Starbucks-aping logo there are no clues whatsoever to the band’s identities, only a link to their reverbnation page and a contact number. Intrigued? You should be, if the music’s anything to go by…

Ranging from the intense thrash-funk of ‘Media Conspiracy’, the ace, Connery-sampling Big Beat badness of ‘Hello mister Bond, I wasn’t expecting you!’ to more melancholy fare like ‘ Love of Life’ and the gorgeous ‘Spirit Of Spring’, the music of Poundshop Prophets is a relentless tornado of ideas and invention. There’s all sorts in the musical pot; the windy synth pop of OMD, the dark urban sprawl of early Happy Mondays, the demented glitch-core merry go round of Venetian Snares, often all at the same time. Completely instrumental, save for the odd sample and vocodered snatch of vocal, it’s not clear if these songs are demos, experiments, finished articles or harbingers of some massive societal change set to shake up the dilapidated shopping centres alluded to in the band’s name. Genius or joke, futurist or folly, I’m guessing the Prophets, whomever they may be, are set to make a difference in a world gone senile. What kind of a difference this will be remains to be seen; good or bad, it’ll certainly be interesting.

 You can find Poundshop Prophets on Facebook  and Reverberation.

All words by Sean Diamond. More work by Sean Diamond can be found in his Louder Than War archive.

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  1. Hi Sean,

    We thank you for your wonderful and very much appreciated review of our music online, but we say this about our ‘songs’ – they aren’t songs as you would perceive them, they are pieces of legitimate music warnings of what we know of what is being planned for the whole of the world’s population, which isn’t very good, so take heed about what will happen and the oncoming dystopian future.

    We knew sometime in advance about a “plandemic virus”, so we are taking steps to make sure that this is going to be exposed to stop those in power (political puppets), as a way to control and enslave the whole of humanity, as JFK tried to warn way back in late October 1963. He got assasinated (in November the same year), for his trouble by the ruling elite. No, we are not conspiracy theorists either! We do know who they are now and they are about to be exposed for all to see.

    That will change everything for humanity and its future. More of our music will follow and we only gig in France, the Netherlands and Germany, never in the UK, even though we are based here temporarily.

    Our most kindest regards to you,

    PoundshopProphets :-)

  2. Our last posted comment to you recently was by a member, who is no longer a member of our organisation. They have been sent notice of dismissal from the band and any future corespondence with us, or anyone concerned with Poundshop Prophets. Sorry for any confusion. They are not welcome in our creative community. Sorry for any inconvenience, or misinformation about our music missions. Our missions are peaceful and nver disruptive at all and would never threaten any body of anything. That is not our purpose and never will be. Thank you.


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