New Artist of the Day: Filthy Boy

James Endeacott is to raw talent what a divining rod is to water. I reckon he vibrates when he spots a hot new band. He has brought us The Strokes, The Libertines, The View and his latest discovery is no less talented and unique. Meet Filthy Boy.

Filthy Boy is a new alternative band from South London, formed ofParaic Morrissey, Michael Morrissey, Harry Weskin and Benjamin Deschamps.

If I close my eyes when I listen to Filthy Boy, it feels like I have been transported back in time to some mid-60”²s dark and probably aromatic hole named something like The Cave or The Cellar.

I first heard the Naughty Corner lyrics and I was intrigued, then I heard Spiral Eyes and Waiting On the Doorstep and I was in love. I feel voyeuristic as I listen”¦like peeking in someones bedroom window to catch them doing the nasty. I am fascinated by the words, the deep sultry tones and the hot guitar licks”¦I want more.

Watch the new videos Waiting On The Doorstep and Naughty Corner then visit Filthy Boy’s band-site and listen to Spiral Eyes and see what you think.

And here’s the new “Naughty Corner” Video. (inspired by a 50’s fetish film director called Elliot Castle)

You can get a free download from Filty boy’s Bandcamp.

Find them on twitter as @filthyboyband and on Facebook here.

Oh Mercy Management, Mat Schneck / James Endeacott:

All words by dona Bogart. More Louder Than War features by Dona can be found here.

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