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Deny All Robots

Noise and Melody are the order of the day for the Daft Punk Atheists.

Hailing from the heart of the West Midlands via way of Michigan, Deny All Robots are a middle-aged three piece who have had a good period of time under their belts in which to check out the finer points of the last couple of decades of great music.

Their sound takes influence from the likes of Helmet, Girls Against Boys along with newer sounds such as those by METZ and God Damn, yet never seemingly in a plagiaristic sense.

With a classic bass/drum/guitar & vocal set up, their debut single ‘Knife Games / More Shake’ single is an impressive opening salvo for a band that seems to be well worth keeping an eye on.

There are gigs a plenty on the horizon, I checked them out a few days ago and found that they already have a small following, and a crowd favourite in a track called ‘DOC’, which probably isn’t about the NWA affiliated rapper who had his throat crushed by a car.


You can download their new single from their Bandcamp page. You can also can find Deny All Robots on their official Facebook and Twitter accounts

All words by Christopher Lloyd. You can find more writing by Christopher at his author’s archive



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