Scotland’s ’Song, By Toad’ DIY label is making an impression again. Louder Than War’s Ioan Humphreys is getting into Adam Stafford!

Glasgow has always had a furtive and virile music/art scene that has been the envy of the music/art world since the ’70s. The bands that have emerged from this vibrant, but often troubled city, have always had a certain DIY attitude that exudes within the music produced. I guess more than ever now, Glasgow (and now pretty much every other city in the UK) have a mountain to climb to challenge and conquer the changing musical landscape that not only includes changing styles (as it always has), but the (continued) emergence of the internet, social media, music/file sharing, bandwagoning, mainstream radio and general apathy. Wow! Writing that is very depressing?!

So, with ‘Song, by Toad’s eclectic roster of acts, comes Adam Stafford. Can Adam save us from the aforementioned impending musical catastrophe? Please? I think (hope!!) so. This guy has been around the Glasgow musical block a few times and, according to his label, has become a ‘Scottish institution’ via his innate abilities as a polymath. This has got to be good news surely? And yes, the positives don’t stop here. With his third solo album ‘Taser Revelations’ released on 12th March 2016, we have a major contender to the solo/troubadour/experimental/innovative music crown so often joyfully adorning Ed Sheeran’s head.

Ed. You have a rival. Because Stafford’s ability to craft songs with just his voice, a guitar, a bass guitar and a loop pedal is absolutely extraordinary. Just watch this guy perform in the Toad Sessions (below) to see why. Using his far ranging voice via both a clear or distorted microphone, Stafford just wants to get his brand of singer/songwriter schtick across, but with the least amount of fuss. BUT, with the most amount of talent, experience and unassuming dress sense and stage presence. I think Adam Stafford deserves a damn good break to be honest. I am already a believer!


‘Taser Revelations’ is released on 12th March 2016 and Adam Stafford can be found on Soundcloud.

By Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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