The Long Lost Band: Death of the Album – album reviewThe Long Lost Band – Death Of The Album (Self Released)


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Lancaster rock-psych-electric-acoustic group The Long Lost Band have returned with their second album – and they’re giving it away for free. Prepare to fill thy boots – after reading Carl Stanley’s review of course.

Previously having featured in Louder Than War with the single ‘Feel like Me‘, as well as the Christmas single ‘Twelfth Knight’, The Long Lost Band are now delivering their new album to us for free. The album was designed from start to finish to express that the band are acting purely on their own terms. So it is entirely self-written, recorded, engineered and (in the main) produced,

The album features a bigger, bolder, more in your face sound and it shows off a grand sweep of different styles and approaches; this is no ‘chord swapper’ collection of the same song being rehashed, the like of which you hear too much of these days.

Instead, this is a wild and beautiful ride, described thus by co- producer Paul Walmsley:

“It is an album of frighteningly good songs, well produced and well put together. It assaults your ears in the first seconds and for the next hour shakes you, rocks you, lies you down, drags you back up, then leaves you wanting to press “play” again just to prove to yourself you’d just heard what you thought you had.”

Opening with the line

“Are you prepared now, for initiation, you’ve still got time to make your exit…”

…the band pull you into their music, hoping you’ll find your way to the end, a fully paid up member.

The album is dead. Long live the album.

From The Long Lost bands new album; ‘Trick of the Light’.


Download a free high quality 320kbps MP3 version of the album from the bands website.

Follow the band on Facebook here.

All words by Carl Stanley. More writing by carl on Louder Than War can be found in his author’s archive.

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