Neville Staple & Sugary Staple Interview

Record producer and broadcaster Mike Bennett speaks with Neville and Christine Sugary Staple from The Specials, hosted by Seamus Traynor.

Christine and Neville speak candidly about the Trojan years, rare collaborations with members of Happy Mondays, Desmond Dekker, The Beat, Vegan Vampires from Zorg, Roddy Radiation, Jerry Jammers and a new panel show written by Nigel Carr, Dr Neville Staple, Christine Sugary Staple and Mike Bennett entitled ‘Caught in Session’. In this preview which is appearing for the first time on Louder Than War Radio on Mike Bennett’s Freak Party on Thursday at 7pm here: 

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All words by Mike Bennett, Manchester-based punk producer (The Fall, Fat White Family, Fuzzbox, Ian Brown, The Specials). Tune in to Mike’s Freak Party on Louder Than War Radio, Thursdays 7pm and Sundays 4pm.

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  1. This sounds amazing! Always loved the Specials and especially Neville Staples’ version! I’ll be tuning in!

    I loved Nigel Carr’s interview with John Lydon. It was excellent!

  2. This looks fun. like the Specials punk stuff an all rounder NEVILLE STAPLE. CAUGHT IN SESSION. HAHA FUNNY MIKE BENNETT.

  3. Mint info from the Specials

    Mike Bennett knows his ‘ green onions ‘

    Neville and Sugary bounce of each other like a dream .

    Both line ups are good.

    But the with Neville’s you get Dammers , the classic brass section .Roddy and the Original Rude Boy

    Great debate

  4. Both versions are brilliant. Neville brings it originality obviously and is a founder member but the other version are also quite good so we’ve got two versions out there for the price of one let’s not complain

    Blue beat is an amazing genre of music and it’s great that Neville brings it back in his new set along with Christine Sugary Staple who is totally amazing and sounds like the Princess of Rock steady music

    • Well it’s not Blue Beat ,that’s old skool

      It’s a very modern vibe actually

      It’s like saying its lovers rock .. it’s Two Tone and always will be but why put it in boxes ?

      Two kinds of music . Good and bad

      I like the show though . Seen it twice . Very true to the albums and love the brass section .

      Real brass makes it as I saw another version ( can’t remember billing ) and it was a bit to much relying on synthesisers

      Mind you the crowd enjoyed it so let’s keep an open mind .

      Not feeling blue beat here though .. that’s a different era

      Anyway, Neville Staple is the real deal and his work is timeless . Who can forget his Ghost Town lyric . Who could believe cuts his 40th anniversary of the hit . Big up to Neville Staple , a one off

  5. It’s true .. Neville’s message to you started it all

    He’s moved on now .. but his Ghost Town hook is the one that works to generation X, in other words all generations and long may it live its a message to the world. The world needs to slow down . It’s the world gone mad but love the new version on the specials and beyond

    • I actually think that the Desmond Dekker special stuff is the most fascinating here because you can hear Neville influence but again it’s an icon like that it’s surely Louder Than War gold

      I listened to the radio version of this and I didn’t know so much about that collaboration that is totally amazing and I’ve got a copy of eBay

      Thanks for sharing this

      Yes agreed it’s good that they do Punk this is the real business

      Why did they leave out Fun Boy Three? Is it a hot potato or something like that?

  6. What a great interview Neville Staple is a total innovator and both his and Sugary‘s knowledge on the evolution of ska Is fascinating and Mike Bennett unveiling the Trojan years with Desmond Dekker is totally epic

  7. Proud to be involved in the show. Neville is a legend. Fascinating rare grooves from the specials

  8. It’s refreshing to hear the specials performing with The Beat . Rare stuff.

    Ranking Rodger toasting with Neville Staple RIP Rodger .

    The Special Beat was a great period on the revivalists scene


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