Never Mind BuzzcocksNever Mind The Buzzcocks, Here’s The Sketch Show..?

It’s back!  “Brand new to Sky Max and Sky Showcase – catch up now on Sky Q or Now TV.” Susan Sloan gives her verdict on the all-new re-boot of a old favourite. 

Kicking off with a fairly tepid and rather overlong intro skit, seemingly designed purely to give the c-list pop stars still left in the green room from last time around something to do, you couldn’t help but be concerned that the revival of this once iconic staple of British TV was already far too bogged down in it’s own mythos to be entertaining. Once the episode itself got under way however, it was, for better or worse, a pretty straightforward meat and potatoes affair.

Host Greg Davies did a solid, if unremarkable, job of helming the show. It’s a role he is more than capable of but his own, occasionally outré, humour was not given much room to move beyond the script, and whether he will have the irreverent bite of Lamarr and Amstell in the long run remains to be seen. Noel Fielding brought a warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity to proceedings but both second captain Daisy May Cooper and ‘recurring guest’ Jamali Maddix were somewhat superfluous. I’m unsure if it was a deliberate decision that the teams ended up divided by ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ but i very much hope not. Equally it seemed strange to fill both team members on Noel’s side with more comedians. Surely they could have at least roped in H from Steps or Anthony Costa since they were already happy to appear in the tedious opening sketch?

Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall stole the show with her no nonsense clapbacks to Noel Gallagher and remarkable prowess in the ‘guess the intro’ round, injecting some much needed spirit of don’t give a fuck. The lineup twist (guess which one of these people in need of a pay check was NOT in Bucks Fizz) was also entertaining, but otherwise the show mostly ticked along no better or worse than many others out there.

It’s easy to forget that the standout moments we all remember – the walk offs, the outrage, the pre-woke verbal brutalisings – were far from the bulk of the show. For every Preston getting the hump there were hours of someone from Atomic Kitten going ‘doo, doo, ba ba dooooo’ and waving their arms around. Judging the first episode against the full weight of nostalgia seems unfair. On its own merits this first new episode certainly has room to grow into a well loved show, a ‘Would I Lie To You?’ for music, but will it fill the same place in popular culture as before? With the current lineup, somewhat defanged tone and airing on an obscure Sky outpost it feels unlikely. But I will continue watching, shouting the lyrics of Bangles songs at my TV screen, and hope to be proved wrong in the end.


There’s a lengthy clip… well, half the show actually, on YouTube here.


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  1. I won’t base the rest of the series on episode 1 but will watch a little longer. Original show had people from the music industry mixed with comedians and a sharp tongued host. This seemed to be another platform for comedians with maybe the odd singer shoved in. A couple of good moments. Don’t know who daisy is for a start. I like Ann Marie her smile is infectious though for a generation who push positivity and being different is normal, to say that Mike Nolan looked as though he had botox made me uncomfortable. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t open Yr mouth if you don’t know the background story. For those of us who are of an age where we remember the coach crash he suffered severe injuries that have affected his whole career, it was said in bad taste and should’ve been edited out. Shows where people are ridiculed are considered out of date now aren’t they? Unless you are a comedian of course. So apart from this it was ok and there were some fun moments however I don’t think it will ever have the bite of the old one for obvious reasons.

    • I think they are a bit ‘damned if they do, damned if they don’t’ with regards to the ‘bite’ of the show, as your comment illustrates. But hopefully it can evolve into something entertaining in its own right. I agree they need more musicians and less comedians in future episodes though!

  2. I’m 10 years older so, that may play a part . I’m not sure one can go back . Never rated Noel Fielding . When it was Originally shown . Monday nights 9pm . There was nothing else on . I remember watching it excitedly. This time round . I watched 10 mins ans though been here before . Plus i’ve got netflix , Now tv and Prime to flip over too . Maybe if I didn’t have as much choice I would of stuck with it longer .

  3. With the revamp of the always awful Blankety Blank from the BBC think there are no creative folk coming up with something to rival these shows in their prime. Equally with the stale sitcoms these channels come up with…..where is this generations great quiz shows and sitcoms ? For the amount of money they generate we should demand better quality all round and not every pound going to buy the next flavour of the month US hit.


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