Negative Pegasus: Looming – album reviewNegative Pegasus – Looming (Smalltown America)

Brighton based three piece & hard psyche band Negative Pegasus have just released a magnificent new album which we recommend everyone grabs a listen too then buys ASAP. Seriously.

The minute ‘How it happens` starts I am lost in a world of psychedelic loops and feedback that threatens to make my headphones explode and blow my ears clean off.

The relentless chugging of the pulse that runs behind the eerie vocals of Rich and Todd, backed up by pounding beats from Carla`s drums takes you through a mix of emotions that left me breathless and sweating and desperate for more.

Memories of Killing Joke, Wire, and Sonic Youth mixed with Can and overlayed by The Prodigy produce a heady brew that makes me wonder where Neg Peg have been all my life!

‘Floating Omen’ (above) really is that good a track, spiralling out of control in places but as tight as a nuns shoes in others. When it ends I am disappointed so I play it again to be sure it was not a dream – Jaz would be proud of this creation I am sure.

‘Psychic energy’ (below) moves the album on again, floating over you like a spectre in the shadows, at any moment he will reach out and grab you by the throat.

The Brighton 3 piece nail every song on this 8 track album and along with the production of Steffan Eliades they bring back my faith in the emerging talent along the south coast -if this was a Seattle band the hacks would be raving of a new dawn!

A piece of insight into how this wall of sound is created is explained by Todd thus:

“One of the amps Richard recorded with had a speaker that was totally disconnected from the rest of the electronics, and we didn’t even notice until after the recordings were finished. That’s Steffan’s influence. He’s our glitch-wrangler.”

‘Soaker’ rolls around and smacks you every so often and `Visitation` finishes the album off with a resounding flourish of noise and beats that is just fucking ace.

More! More! I cry and return to track 1.

Love this! Try this! Buy this!

Negative Pegasus can be found on Facebook here. They are also on twitter here.

If you’d like to hear more by the band before splashing out on the album check out their Soundcloud or Bandcamp accounts.

All words by Sean Hensford.

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