Neck of the Woods Festival announces the line-upThe first UK edition of Neck of the Woods festival will feature artists of indie renown such as The Kooks, Australian Britpop collective DMA’s and Sea Girls.

The festival will take place in Norwich’s Earlham Park, situated ten minutes away from the University of East Anglia. The area comprises three stages, with the main one allocated to headliners such as The Kooks. With their performance at Neck of the Woods, the indie giants will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the debut album Inside In/Inside Out.

Another notable act is The Goa Express (on the picture), with their modern take on 60s psychedelia and indie romanticism à la The Loft. London-based collective Deco will bring in lighthearted dancefloor vibes with the 80s touch and Bess Atwell will invite visitors into her melodious world of folky chants coloured with the pop sensibility of Lana Del Rey.

Find more information about the festival’s programme on the official website of Neck of the Woods. The event will be held on 29 May 2022.

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