Mystic Peach

New single from Southampton trio Mystic Peach, Wanna Be My Daddy?, is a spectral slice of grunge rock that isn’t afraid to tackle tough questions and confronts vulnerability head on, with the lyrics acting as glorious juxtaposition against waves of psych rock and garage.

“Being called out whilst buying a sandwich in Tesco… that’s probably the most ridiculous one I’ve had,” begins Mystic Peach singer, Curtis Gale. “Who’d have thought that two males in high vis and hard hats buying coffees would think they have the authority to announce their assumptions on my sexual preferences? Wanna Be My Daddy? is a story of experience about how the comfort in your own sexuality can be threatening to certain people. Small town mentality, prying eyes and assumptions giving rise to the purest form of irony.”

Mystic Peach

Gale continues. “The questions, the staring and unsubstantiated accusations can go unnoticed even in your busy life. But when people go out of their way to make sure you know, what are you meant to do? I guess this shows how I feel. Do you want to tease me? Do you want me to feel vulnerable for you? Do you want to be my Daddy? It’s tiresome. Long story short, it’s uncomfortable questions for uncomfortable men.”

The compelling new track is a journey of otherwise awkward questions for those who need to answer them. The track is suggestive of an early Wytches sound combined with a Temples polish and a punk attitude. The confrontational exterior plays havoc on one’s mind with an ability to educate at the same time. It is a long trip of grunge and your sexuality combined into four minutes of art.

“I’ve always liked blunt lyrics.” states Gale “They can be forthright, unambiguous, sarcastic, elusive or just pure nonsense. Bands like Black Flag, Sex Pistols and Fidlar are very easy to relate to, they can paint a picture on experiences you’ve never experienced, and somehow make you feel nostalgic.”

With an important message at its core, the lyrics, although obvious and spat with intent, hold onto a sense of vulnerability and mystery without overwhelming the listener.

“We’re not here to shove our beliefs down our listeners’ throats. Most of what we write is based on personal experiences, it’s up to you what you take away from it. That’s the beauty of music and art in general I suppose.”

There is no forced message. The song reeks of personal experience and speaks a mind of its own. With an EP in the pipelines for next year and two shows at The Joiners this month (one of which sold out in under an hour) the future is looking bright for Mystic Peach.

Stream the new single here or download it from Mystic Peach’s Bandcamp.


Words by Jasmine Hodge. Find her author’s archive here.



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