Mystery Skulls: EP – EP Review

Mystery Skulls: EP (Self Released)
Out Now

Formed in 2011 Mystery Skulls is the name of Luis Dubuc (The Secret Handshake)’s new project, a blend of funk, soul, and electronic dance beats. They released an EP at the end of last year which Chris Hearn reviews for us below.

Michael Jackson isn’t dead. Long live MJ, in the form of a whole wack of artists he seems to have influenced (Bad Rabbits being a good example). It has ushered in a bit of an 80’s era, synth laden, R and B, Soul Train sounding thing that brings back memories, both good and embarrassingly bad: like that time you tried breakdancing.

Well, voila, here we have an excellent example of this re-born un-subgenrefied genre in an EP, titled EP, from Mystery Skulls out of Dallas, Texas. I mean, the first thing you think of when you think Texas is 80’s urban dance synth pop, right? Falsetto vocals, lots of synthesisers and a danceable, bob the head up and down beat, oh it’s all here. And you know what? This thing is pretty flippin’ good! It makes me want to look for cassette tapes that I never owned in the first place and re-listen to songs that I barely remember hearing the first time around. Oh, and it definitely gets me wanting to listen to Purple Rain.

At times, this EP sounds like it could be the soundtrack of a great 80’s comedy, like “Night Shift” or some other one involving pimps and hilarious hijinks. But, despite the obvious blast from the past influence, this thing sounds very fresh, new and relevant. Now, this EP is a tad old, but it is the only collection they seemed to have released. They have a tumblr page though that is jammed full of newer, original songs and a Marina and the Diamonds remix. Why they haven’t been put into a full length album yet is beyond me. I’d buy it!

Oh, and to make that link to the 80’s even clearer, on their Tumblr they also have pics and references to WWF wrestling, Star Wars, ALF, Knight Rider and two cat/wolf humans that may have something to do with Teen Wolf, but I’m not sure. There is a lot of fun stuff here to enjoy. And enjoy I did!

The EP (pay what you want as long as it’s over $1!) is available from Mystery Skulls Bandcamp page here.

All words by Chris Hearn. More articles by Chris can be found here.

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