My Tiger My Timing : Celeste : album review

My Tiger My Timing – Celeste (Snakes & Ladders)
Available now

The debut album from My Tiger My Timing is from the wrong side of the pop tracks; electro beats emerging from the shadows into the light of glowing post-punk.  

The opening shimmer of My Tiger My Timing’s debut album Celeste puts a pop in your hip and a tap in your foot as electro beats punch through the soft harmonies.

This is pop from the wrong side of the tracks – seemingly innocent but oh so tempting with the hint of a filthy beat and a bubbling excitement of a riff. It’s also hard to pin down and pigeonhole, but that’s no bad thing.

It sways along from summery pop to reggae beats and grimy electro iced with a gentle vocal and a flirtation with post-punk. Lead single The Gold Rush mines ’80s new wave and pop, it could be as at home on a homemade C90 compilation of Mark Goodier’s Chart Show as it will be in the hipster bars over the coming months.

There’s a definite sound to MTMT but they throw in enough variation to keep the album flowing while sparking interest. Here a tribal beat, there overlaid harmonies of a duelling vocal, further still a tripping synth.

Endless Summer is running along a dirt track barefoot laughing until your sides hurt before feeling the melancholia of moment lived only in memory. Album closer Memories of Earth open up the sound and provide a soundtrack for those who’s only dance floor partner is the spinning glitter of the mirrorball.

It’s pretty, it’s pop but it’s got a darker undertone which intrigues and provides a depth that will allow the album to endure. It might not be a stone cold classic but it’s certainly got form in this year’s alternative indie field.

All words by Sarah Lay. You can read more from Sarah on LTW here, or follow her on Twitter.

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Sarah is a former editor of Louder Than War and a freelance music writer for numerous other publications online and in print. Co-owner of Reckless Yes Records she has put out music by LIINES, Pet Crow and lots of other awesome bands as well as put on shows by bands including Bivouac, Mark Morriss, Desperate Journalist and Dream Nails. She's an author, user experience designer and digital content strategist, as well as an occasional broadcaster. Sarah is a compulsive collector of coloured vinyl, a believer in the boogie and is in love with possibilities.


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