My Chemical Romance announce split- young people are upsetStadium Emo band My Chemical Romance seem to have announced they have split up.

Emo kids everywhere are probably past being interested any more but the band who became the biggest in the vaguest of genres started by mistake by Washington DC band Rites Of Spring have called it a day…

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  1. this. is. not. ok. I just . . . no . . . who was allowed to say this? Just . . . what? What? WHAT? No. I cannot currently summon the ability to articulate a sentence about how wrong “emo kids everywhere are probably past being interested”. If this is a proper music website then do some proper research. People are devastated, and not one of us appreciates this attitude that a lot of older people are having of ‘haha you won’t even remember them in ten years, they’re nothing special’. Don’t ever put down anything that has helped someone feel better, especially not something as powerful as MCR. Just no. This is disgusting.

  2. No, YOU do your research. Rites of Spring, Sunny Day Real State, Cap’n’Jazz, Texas is The Reason, The Promise Ring, The Jazz June, early Jimmy Eat World… MCR was the worst thing ever happened to the genre it was mainly their fault ‘Emo’ became a dirty word (kinda the same thing as Skrillex ruining Dubstep) I get sick just remembering every time I had to explain people that MCR was not real Emocore, so I hope this joke of a band will never make a comeback. This really made my day, now who’s laughing!


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