Nothing Is

Really cranking it up now, Nothing Is comes flying in with a stomping beat and repetitive noise hook that could almost be the Prodigy that goes on for a merciless few minutes as it builds and builds. This is the album’s You Made Me Realise moment- all the power and rush of prime time garage rock played by musicians in a different century. It builds and builds the tension as you wait for the explosion that brilliantly ever comes – just the incessent riff and then a fade out.

Wonder 2

The final track starts of with what sounds like a train or rocket jamming with Einsterzende Neubaten and it’s like you have arrived in the middle of something quite strange. The vocals somehow thread their way through the middle of this. It’s a truly ambient experience but not ambient as we have come to understand. This is ambient as in creating an atmosphere with noise and loops. The song increasingly gets out of control with all manner of sounds and looped guitar strangeness bubbling out of the mix and building to the top and following no conventional pattern and yet the singing somehow makes musical sense of it all.

This is a long way away from so called ‘indie rock’ and closer to Godspeed in its atmosphere and almost classical style musical shapes that never lose site of the bands punk and and post punk roots where noise was a key but noise melted into new shapes and not a wilful racket.

You can buy and download mbv from the My Bloody Valentine site.

All words by John Robb.


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