Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Louder Than War Clothing



Haggard Cat: Dead Wax, Birmingham – live review

Haggard Cat Dead Wax, Birmingham Sept 16th 2021 Haggard Cat successfully break their second album lockdown curse...

Carcass: Torn Arteries – album review

Slightly less flesh ripping and offensive, maybe more thought provoking. Liverpool's extreme metal vegetarians are back with ten massive slabs of exquisite Dad rock and a trademark stunning album cover.

Echobelly are back on tour this October

Echobelly are back out touring over the next month with a full band line-up,...

WATCH THIS! dark Cohen/Cave/Scott Walker pop with from John Murry

John Murry is one of those best-kept secrets. His dark introspective music pulls you in like a spiders web of baroque intrigue and memory

The Haciendas : Other Side – single review

The Haciendas Other Side Limited CD / D|L and Streaming Buy Here The Hacienda’s have just release Other...