Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Buzzcocks : Manchester Apollo : Live Review

Buzzcocks fast forward their history

Boxes ‘Stickers’ – album review

....If you\'re a fan of Bon Iver\'s emotion-drenched angst, this one might be for you....

The Primitives Vs Zombina & The Skeletons @ Liverpool – live review Zombina & The Skeletones Vs The Primitives Psycho Motel @ The Lomax, Liverpool Wednesday 23rd May 2012 The Primitives - so good we reviewed them twice (Leicester)...well...

‘You Only Live Once’ 75th Anniversary – DVD review

You Only Live Once is a film for the ages...

Saint Etienne: Words and Music – album review

The basic tracks on Words on Music are OK, but get the deluxe edition....and you will be justly rewarded.

Smoke Fairies: Blood Speaks – album review.

The album flows like a stream through a forest in spring with subtle changes of pace into darker and then lighter areas.

Dead Mellotron: Glitter – album review.

Dead Mellotron have produced a short but highly pleasing album which is pitched at a more commercial audience than previous releases.

Alberteen: Metal Book – album review

The sound is an amalgamation of themes; from gentle sixties inspired pop tones to throbbing rock, and everything in between.

Stone Roses : Warrington Parr Hall : live review

Stone Roses comeback gig- live review

PAWS and Bleached – live review.

I may have seen PAWS several times in the last few months but there's a very good reason for this. They are brilliant live.

Devin ‘Romancing’ – album review

"The giddy guitars almost trip over themselves, the tumbling basses and drums make it sound like half the record is falling down stairs..."

Amy Lamé invites you to her Unhappy Birthday : review

'...this is no dour introspection of the bedroom rebel without a cause...'





22 Albums of the Year-So-Far… Louder Than War writers choices, July 2020

22 Albums of the Year So Far...  Just some of Louder Than Wars writers...

Paranoid Visions: Corona Verse Reality – review

Wayne Carey checks out the latest installment of Paranoid Vision's Pharmageddon project. You lucky slimy bitches...

Exclusive Premiere! Joost M. de Jong, Jr. – “Studies / Studien / Études”

A new record by musician, gleeman and urban eccentric ‘Joost M. de Jong, Jr.’ “Studies / Studien / Études” on exciting new Belgian-Dutch label, Futura Resistenza. For those interested in the likes of Wendy Carlos, Caterina Barbieri and the Lonesome Organist, take note!

Idiolect – Hannah Moule and The Moulettes – Exclusive Video Premiere –

Lily Martin at Louder Than War debuts the dynamic and impressive Hannah Moule & The Moulettes and their staggeringly progressive video for latest single ‘Idiolect’.

WATCH THIS! Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai) in depth interview with John Robb

Mogwai have been reshaping post rock or whatever you want to call that space for years now. In truth they operate brilliantly in the shadows of post punk, soundscape, soundtrack and even Goth to create stunning spectral pieces that are captivating and thrilling. They are also eloquent and outspoken as John Robb found out when he spoke to band member Stuart Braithwaite.