Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Sam Andreae: Solo – album review

Sam Andreae plots a new course for the saxophone says Louder Than War’s Paul Margree.

Temples Festival: Motion Skatepark, Bristol – day three review

The closing day of the supreme heavy music festival in Bristol, headlined by Earth.

Forever Cult: Antonio Banderas – listen to brand new track by Leeds based grunge band

Leeds-based proprietors of scuzz Forever Cult follow on from the weight of their previous single Winter's Glow with something slightly more refined.

Prurient: Frozen Niagara Falls – album review

Dominick Fernow is on typically bleak and uncompromising form in his latest Prurient offering

MXLX: At Time Temple – album review

At Time Temple is the latest release by Matt Loveridge under the MXLX banner and once again we are placed squarely in the center of a world that is dark, disturbing, beautiful, and melancholic.

Doldrums: Electrowerkz, London – live review

Doldrums  Electrowerkz, London 20 May 2015 Doldrums - an electronic mess of a band - play to a lucky few and are just begging for that big,...

Jonah Parzen-Johnson: Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow – album review

Jonah Parzen-Johnson: Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow – album review (Primary Records)  CD | DL | LP Available: 2 June 2015 Jonah Parzen-Johnson's album of graceful saxophone...

Merzbow | Pandi | Gustassfson | Moore: Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper – album review

Merzbow | Pandi | Gustassfson | Moore - Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper (RareNoise Records) 2CD | 2LP | DL Out Now ‘Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper’...

Gnod: Infinity Machines – album review

Gnod have produced a monolithic slab of unquantifiable proportions, with every track facilitating its own mini trip its an incredible collection of tracks. One of the finest things I've heard all year so far!

Nzʉmbe: Titubeo – album review

The dark business of the heart is the subject of this enthralling collection from sound artist Miguel Prado. Paul Margree dives in.

Zu: Cortar Todo – album review

Zu's modus operandi is an experimental amalgam of metal, math, no-wave, noise and electronic

Hookworms: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – live review

The static and white noise rolls around the hall and the vocal, with so many effects it sounds like something escaped from an asylum, echoes through your head. Even when the noise slows down to a drone, I hesitate to say ‘softens’ because it really doesn’t, there is still a wild intensity and barely repressed aggression making you uneasy and itching for a release.





IDLES announce live album!

Today, IDLES have announced their first live album 'A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live at Le Bataclan', and have shared the live version of 'Mother' taken from the record.

Swans announce new line up and tour

Swans Facebook page has announced the next phase... Wiith the new album due soon the band have announced their new line up and tour...

Chris Cleverley: We Sat Back And Watched It Unfold – album review

An ominously titled but smartly observed set of songs from Chris Cleverley and a whole bunch of friends.

Neighbourhood Festival 2019: Manchester – live review

Will Metcalfe and Nigel Carr spent most of the day in Manchester checking out some of the best the city had to offer at Neighbourhood festival

The Beatles announce reissue of all 46 singles

The Beatles will be with us for least they were good...