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Lo-fi reviews

KiDD: You And I – album review

Stuart Kidd should be elevated to a much wider audience or, maybe we should keep him to ourselves as our little secret.

Ben Mason: Dogs N Yaaa – Album Review

Ben Mason evokes Drake, Eno and Elliott Smith with his nonetheless highly personal songwriting. Nat Lyon see the potential for greatness in his spellbinding album Dogs N Yaaa

Chow Mwng: Nunavik – EP review

Possibly the punk music of our era. Lo-fi, D.I.Y. and free from any corporate chains. Amazing stuff.

Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs: Six Scores – album review

Six Scores - the latest collaboration from two of the UK’s most brain-mangling underground artists is gloriously off-the-wall.

Listen To This! Radio Europa release new track!

it experiments and cogitates with a passing speed far less than its length.

Abatwa (The Pygmy): Why Did We Stop Growing Tall? – album review

This is lo-fi, D.I.Y. music in its (im)purest form.

Chow Mwng: ULOT CA – album review

ULOT CA treads that genius/insanity path from track one to twelve, often dipping its toe in either side. Listen and be impressed.

Helen McCookerybook: The Sea – album review

Musician, artist and lecturer releases her new album. Louder Than War’s Paul Scott-Bates reviews - cherish this album as it is a fine piece of work.

Pulco: Silex | Chow Mwng: Better Than Teletext – EP reviews

The King is dead, long live the King. A final outing for Pulco before evolving into Chow Mwng - exciting times





That Hidden Promise: Who Knows Now? – album review

That Hidden Promise Who Knows Now? Self released The debut album from the mysterious Somerset based Blackpool...

Could this be the Christmas Number One? Great new boyband from Teesside – Benefits

Could this be the Christmas Number One? Great new boyband from Teesside - Benefits A...

Southend Punk: Volume One: compilation album of ’77 to ’86 rarities reviewed

Album Review Southend Punk Volume One - Various Artists  (Angels in Exile Records) Released  4 Dec...

Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes – Good Karma – album review

Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes - Good Karma Big Stir CD/DL Out now New 12 track album...

Watch this: Norwegian rockers Leprous release new single recorded during the pandemic

Norwegian rockers Leprous have released new single Castaway Angels recorded during the pandemic, and...