Monday, January 20, 2020
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Peter Hook plays Joy Division – live review

Peter Hook's The Light deliver...

Gonjasufi- live review

something entirely and brilliantly different

Chain And The Gang – live review

At the moment they are a best kept secret but soon, if there is any justice, they will be staples.

White Denim – live review

White Denim might not be household names yet, but as far as tonight\'s crowd is concerned they are legends.

Adam Ant – first night of the tour review

and he's on the best form of his life!

Factory Floor – live review

pulsing post industrial trance from Brighton Great Escape festival

Lola Colt – live review

Unfettered sexual energy you after? Sign here!

Epic live review of Atari Teenage Riot

I know it's conventional to start a gig review by actually relating what's occurring at the gig itself, maybe by describing the support...

Sharp Tongues – live review

Great new music to set tongues wagging... Sharp Tongues live!

Great Escape 2011 – a review

...of the gigs we could actually get into!

Josh T Pearson at London Union Chapel

Josh T Pearson review "Is he \'aving a laugh!? We definitely aren\'t."

65daysofstatic play the soundtrack to Silent Running: a review

another great example of a band playing a live soundtrack to a film...





Win tickets for the Scotland Calling Festival 2020

Win tickets for the Scotland Calling Festival 2020 Its cold, its wet, its January, arguably...

Major exhibition of great images from key Manchester photographer announced

David Gleave's stark black and whites really capture the grit of a city that is fast forwarding into a different future as it morphs from the post industrial city to the post punk city

CHECK MASSES release debut single – edgy take on Massive Attack/Gorillaz listen here

Sitting somewhere in that bricolage world of TV on the Radio, David Holmes, David Lynch, Ennio Morricone, Massive Attack, Gorillaz the song is a catchy and compulsive slice of 21st century pop but with a post punk edge.

Alien Tango: Dalston Victoria, London – live review

Alien Tango Dalston Victoria, London 10th January 2020 Alien Tango caught the attention of Keith Goldhanger at...

DARWIN ‘SO FEW COMETS’ Album Review : ‘brilliant eclectic atmospheric release with Bauhaus connections’

A music that matches the the devastation caused by the raging fires in 2017 that left the beautiful Californian landscape mirroring a barren, desolate, bare, lifeless backdrop