Monday, August 2, 2021
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Louder Than War Clothing



Remembering Denise – a tribute night for Denise Johnson  With A Certain Ratio and others : live review

This is a very special night where the power of live music to speak those words that are so hard to conjure up was underlined countless times. 

Modern Lovers – 45th Anniversary Reappraisal

Modern Lovers (Eponymous Debut Album) 45th Anniversary Reappraisal (First released August 1976) By the time the debut...

Jane And Barton: Too – album review

A brand new album from Jane Lancaster and Edward Barton, and the belated follow-up to their 1983 self-titled debut mini-LP.

40 years ago, this month, Duran Duran released “Girls On Film” the song and it’s appearance on MTV was a pop culture game changer

the 40 year anniversary of the confluence of these two major events, remember that they are not only shining examples of consummate musicianship, they are cultural pioneers worthy of respect.

Bob Vylan, Witch Fever : Manchester – live review

Tonight’s We Live Here To tour is the hottest ticket in the UK this week and features two outfits who are redefining what was there before into bold new shapes.