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XXX: Three Decades of Roadrunner Records CD Boxset – album review

For thirty years, Roadrunner Records has presided over some of the most important bands to have shaped modern metal. This compilation rounds up and celebrates some of the best releases from those years.

Louder Than War Interview: Nails

With Sounthern Californian band Nails tour of the UK just over a week away now Louder Than War fired some questions over to the band's Todd Jones.

Mutation: Error 500 – album review

‘Error 500’ is the one ride at the theme park that you know you’re going to throw up on...

Midlands Metal Crusade: Wolverhampton – live review

The first ever Midlands Metal Crusade and things are about to get heavy - Sophie Sparham reports.

Alice Cooper: Hey Stoopid Reissue – album review

We reappraise the classic Alice Cooper album, originally released in 1991, on the event of it's re-release by Cherry Red,

All Pigs Must Die: Nothing Violates This Nature – album review

All Pigs Must Die have unleashed a monstrous album of rage, anger and punishing music.

The Smashing Pumpkins: The Aeroplane Flies High – album review

The legendary Smashing Pumpkins originally released the highly limited 'The Aeroplane Flies High' in 1996. It's just been reissued.

EYEHATEGOD: The Fleece, Bristol – live review

EYEHATEGOD bring their special version of "classic Sabbath inspired hardcore sludge" to The Fleece in Bristol.

Monolith Cult: Run From The Light – Album Review

Opening up with a crushingly heavy, doomy riff, Monolith Cult immediately set their stall out. The riffs are thick and the drumming is slow. When the vocals on Sold Down The River hit, the track, and the band already sound accomplished in their quest.

Anvil: Manchester Academy 3 – live review

Just before 21:30 Anvil took to the stage and exploded into a flurry of Heavy Metal greatness. Watching them it was clear to see that this band truly love what they do. The crowd wasn’t half as large as I expected but that was only in terms of numbers. When it came to energy this barely populated room had all the destruction of an atom bomb.

Anvil: Hope in Hell – album review

Ian Critchley tackles the fifteenth album from easily the most influential and under-appreciated heavy metal act of all time, Anvil.

Danzig: Manchester Academy – live review

Danzig: Manchester Academy - live review





Get well soon Marianne Faithfull : icon in hospital with Corona

The wonderful and iconic Marianne Faithfull has been admitted to hospital in London with Corona virus.

Karl Pilkington reveals the songs he likes! Part One

Wayne Carey gets access to some comedy gold by one of Manchester's funniest spokesmen!

Jean Encoule (Simon Morgan) music journalist RIP

We are sorry to report of the death of the great Trakmarx writer Simon Morgan aka Jean Encoule who passed away after an accident whilst cycling yesterday. Simon was a punk rock scholar and a fan and was also wonderfully articulate

Manalishi: What’s in Your Head? – single review

Manalishi: What’s In Your Head Self-released DL | Stream 4th April 2020 Manchester’s Manalishi unveil their new single...

Perception Is The New Reality – Catching Up With IST IST Ahead of The Release of Their Debut Album

Manchester's most haunting and idiosyncratic band are gearing up to release their debut album Architecture. Louder Than War's Dave Beech caught up with them ahead of its release.