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Twisterella Festival: Middlesbrough – festival review

Twisterella Festival Various Venues, Middlesbrough 10th October 2015 Twisterella provided one of the highlights of the year, with an eclectic line up that provided numerous highlights, we...

The Garden: Haha – album review

The Garden: Haha (Epitaph/Burger Records) LP | CD | DL Out 9th October 2015 7.5/10 An album which is completely unclassifiable, as it flits through a multitude of...

The Mantles: All Odds End – album review

The Mantles: All Odds End - album review. Californian garage-popsters The Mantles unleash their third album this month. Glenn Airey takes their bittersweet, melodic jangle for a spin.

The St. Pierre Snake Invasion: A Hundred Years A Day – album review

The St. Pierre Snake Invasion - A Hundred Years A Day  CD  Release Date: October 31st 8/10 On their debut full length, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion are...

Punk Fox Records: Label Profile and Round-Up

Punk Fox Records: Label Profile and Round-Up by Glenn Airey. Daddy Issues, Nervous Twitch, High Hi, Les Chassettes,Flying Kangaroo Alliance, Pale Faces, ist

White Fright: Turning Pt 1 – single review

Former King Blood lads return under their new guise, White Fright. Louder Than War's Dave Beech checks out their debut single.

The Sonics: Institute, Birmingham – live review

You can’t help but move to that beat, you can’t stop the guitars stirring your body and making your brain buzz. It’s primal and vital this sound, nothing comes close.

Cherry Glazerr: Brudenell, Leeds – live review

A raucous evening, which will surely go down as one of the gigs of the year from an early stage invasion to a riot inducing end it had everything!

Pega Monstro: Alfarroba – album review

From barrages of cacophonous noise to the sweetest dream pop Pega Monstro cover a lot of ground with their second album.

Table Scraps: More Time For Strangers – album review

Table Scraps - More Time for Strangers (Hells Teeth / Wiener) DL | CD | LP Out Now 8/10 Birmingham duo Table Scraps make good on the promise...

OBN III’s: Cluny, Newcastle – Live Review

Having heard the rumours that OBN III's were the real deal, we just couldn't resist checking them out. Our conclusion is they certainly are the real deal!

Thirteen Shots: Black Smiles – album review

"Loud riffs, thunderous drums and vicious vocals" says the description of Thirteen Shots on Facebook. Sophie Sparham likes what she's been hearing.





Albums of The Year 2019 – the Top 50

Albums of The Year 2019 - the Top 50  as chosen by LTW Websites* regular...

Albums Of The Year 2019 – numbers 51 to 200

Albums Of The Year 2019 - numbers 51 to 200 as chosen by writers...

God Damn: Secret Lock Up Party, Minerva Works, Birmingham – live review

God Damn Minerva Works Birmingham December 7th 2019 God Damn return to an old haunt after a...

The Stranglers/Ruts DC: Berlin – live review

No one is really sure how to describe the Stranglers. They started years before punk then scared the shit out the London punks as well as out selling them with their menacing and genuinely frightening

Operation Petticoat – film review

Operation Petticoat (1959) Director: Blake Edwards Cast: Cary Grant, Tony Curtis Runtime: 124 minutes Format: Blu-ray Release Date: 2nd...