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The Brackish: Big Guys – album review

The Brackish: Big Guys (Lava Thief) CD / DL Due Out 22nd Sept 2014 7/10 The Brackish release an album that managed to sound like all your favourite bands...

King Tuff: Black Moon Spell – album review

The awesome King Tuff is back with his fourth LP. Louder Than War's Lee Hammond is completely blown away by his brilliance.

General, Ten Foot Wizard, Charles Dexter Ward and the Imagineers: Coventry – live review

this band is unstoppable. The sound just slots together as if they have known each other forever, it’s simply instinctive. The songs breathe, and have space but at the same time pulverise you with the noise. General are Rock bloody Solid and are, right now, on the edge of breaking out.

City Reign: When You Got It All – single review

City Reign's follow-up single promises much but there's still signs of unfulfilled potential from the Manchester band.

Spray Paint: Cussin’ – 7” review

"Spray Paint's songs may start like an innocuous motor tic that suggests you need to lay off the late night caffeine binges, but soon suck you into a swirling tornado funnel of noise that will take the roof right off your house."

Os Noctàmbulos: Corsica Gardens – album review

Os Noctàmbulos - Corsica Gardens (Evil Hoodoo) LP / DL Out Now Relative newbies on the Parisian garage scene, Os Noctàmbulos have just dropped their debut album. Louder Than War's Craig...

High Hazels: Misbehave – single review

High Hazel's new single is a storming taster for of the band's first album. Dave Beech reviews.

Buffalo Tooth: Gardeners of The Devil’s Lettuce – album review

"...a maddeningly potent, bracing dose of black weed-poisoned mayhem."

The New Christs: Incantations – album review

The New Christs: Incantations - album review. Blistering and psychologically intense garage rock.

Los Cripis: Long Play – album review

We review the new album by Argentinian garage / punk trio Los Cripis release their new album.

White Fence: For The Recently Found Innocent – album review

The brilliant White Fence has left his bedroom and moved into Ty Segall's garage - Lee Hammond reviews

Parquet Courts: ULU, London – live review

Our second review from Parquet Courts recent show at London's ULU.





Fold: The Prize – single review

Fold: The Prize (Fold FM) Digital Download/Streaming Available now Yorkshire’s Fold are an intoxicating musical blend of funk,...

Duncan Reid & the Big Heads: Don’t Blame Yourself – album review and interview

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads: Don't Blame Yourself Little Big Head Records Out Now LP/CD/DL Duncan...

Jonny Banger: Diary of a Bootlegger – book review

Diary of a Bootlegger (Rough Trade Books) Out Now Diary of a Bootlegger tells a story...

Nile Marr : interview about his new EP and a musician’s life

The most important thing is that you come away with art. I’m getting to the age where there’s no point complaining about a lack of something happening, no excuse for it if you’re not going to do it yourself. I’ve always had that DIY approach to my own music.”