Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Return of SOAK: new video and upcoming album

Bridie Monds-Watson, also known as SOAK, has announced the release of the band’s third...

Damon Albarn apologises to Taylor Swift over songwriting comment

Damon Albarn has  apologised to Taylor  Swift  on Twitter: "I totally agree with you....

Neil Young Demands His Music Be Removed From Spotify Over “Fake Information About Vaccines”

%%Excerpt%% Neil Young demands His Music Be Removed From Spotify Over 'Fake Information About Vaccines' from Joe Rogan

Theatre review : Intimate Theatre Returns to Paris with Joanna Pickering’s Impacting Debut Trilogy — and Sell Out Dates.

“Hard-hitting, twist-turning, unsettling plays with pitch black humor”

Paradise By The Dashboard Gaslight

For all I know he was "a great guy" and all that, but when artists pass we often look back on their legacy. As far as I can tell a key part of his was perpetuating the idea that it's just a part of life for men to coerce young women into sex, and then shit on them.