Wednesday, May 27, 2020


The Migrant: Flood – album review

The Migrant: Flood (Rockpie) LP/CD/DL Available 11/12/2015 7/10 Released via new Cardiff imprint, Rockpie, The Flood is Denmark's The Migrant's third album. Simon Tucker reviews. It's not hard to...

Nitin Sawhney: Dystopian Dream – album review

Dystopian Dream is a good album, but not Sawhney’s best

Eels: The Complete Dreamworks Collection – box set review

Eels: The Complete Dreamworks Collection (UMC) LP Box Set Out Now  8/10 Charting the early part of an incredible career, filled with emotion and at times unnerving yet...

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers: Angels & Ghosts – album review

This is an album of feeling and passion and undoubted class.

Laurence Jones | Red Butler: Grimsby – live review

Blues, that's a dying art surely? You might think so but an evening at The Yardbirds with Laurence Jones and Red Butler shows that there's plenty of life left in the genre yet. idp reviews

Recent Ace Records Releases by Ian Johnston – August 2015

Recent Ace Records Releases by Ian Johnston – August 2015

Blind Fever Band: Sooner or Later – album review

Blind Fever Band - Sooner or Later (Self Released) CD | DL 7/10 "Sooner or Later" is the debut full length release by up and coming festival favourites Blind...

Liam McClair: Rooftop Live, Northern Quarter, Manchester – interview and review

Liam McClair is playing 'Rooftop Live' on the top of an old Victorian building on Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester. He is a young singer /songwriter from Wilsmlow in Cheshire with a sublime voice and songs to match.

OBN III’s: Cluny, Newcastle – Live Review

Having heard the rumours that OBN III's were the real deal, we just couldn't resist checking them out. Our conclusion is they certainly are the real deal!

Melody Gardot: Currency Of Man – album review

The album is just a little too polished and in need of a little rawness.

Swamp Delta |The Loaded: The Tin, Coventry – live review

This is straight from the Rock’n’Roll swamp, distilled with Sour Bourbon and bad bad drugs. These guys aren’t playing around, they channel the primal spirits of the music we love and blast it out at us, hard, fast and nasty.

Dommengang: Everybody’s Boogie – album review

pure rock ‘n’ roll, nothing more nothing less





Fold: The Prize – single review

Fold: The Prize (Fold FM) Digital Download/Streaming Available now Yorkshire’s Fold are an intoxicating musical blend of funk,...

Duncan Reid & the Big Heads: Don’t Blame Yourself – album review and interview

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads: Don't Blame Yourself Little Big Head Records Out Now LP/CD/DL Duncan...

Jonny Banger: Diary of a Bootlegger – book review

Diary of a Bootlegger (Rough Trade Books) Out Now Diary of a Bootlegger tells a story...

Nile Marr : interview about his new EP and a musician’s life

The most important thing is that you come away with art. I’m getting to the age where there’s no point complaining about a lack of something happening, no excuse for it if you’re not going to do it yourself. I’ve always had that DIY approach to my own music.”