Wednesday, March 3, 2021
The North Will Rise Again
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Sarandon release brilliant new album- review

a perfect stripped down exercise in jazz punk genius and a concept album

Peter Murphy ‘Ninth’ – Review

This a strong release, a return to form even..

Horrors new album ‘Skying’: a review

'The band are moving quickly and now find themselves as one of the key young bands in the country with their dark pop a perfect soundtrack for the times. '

The Melvins ‘Sugar Daddy Live’ – Review

The Melvins ”˜Sugar Daddy Live' Ipecac Recordings IPC126 (via Southern) Available now Over the years The Melvins have amongst other things been described as “the godfathers of...

Atari Teenage Riot ‘Is This Hyperreal?’

'How much blood will it take' scream Atari Teenage Riot

Crass ‘Yes Sir, I Will’ Crass ”“ ”˜Yes Sir, I Will' (2CD Crassical Collection via Southern) ”“ Available now Crass (Interview at Rebellion Festival 2010) were always a...

TV Smith ‘Coming In To Land’ – Reviewed TV Smith “Coming In To Land” UK Release - Boss Tuneage Records German Release - Drumming Monkey Records (DRUM10-1) Available now TV Smith's musical heritage precedes...

Wu Lyf ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’ – album review

Wu Lyf'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain' (LYF Recordings) Wu Lyf have been playing hard to get. The last two years they have been playing off the...

Boris new album(s) reviewed here

Boris's epic future rock reaches new heights...

Glory Is Noise: Hell Comes To Your House classic US death rock compilation turns 30

Boasting contributions from the greatest names in the then-flourishing American West Coast “Deathrock” scene (Christian Death, 45 Grave, Super Heroines, the somewhat-out-of-place Social Distortion and Red Cross

Sabrejets – album review

ex Rudi man comes up trumps with pure rock n roll project

Wild Beasts ‘Smother’

Wild Beasts 'Smother' (Domino Records) Wild Beasts provide us with their third album five years after their first single. It seems a like a substantial...




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Godspeed You! Black Emperor announces new album ‘G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!’

Godspeed You! Black Emperor announces new album G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! The iconic and influential...

Bitterman: Abysm – EP review

Bitterman - Abysm (CBRG) CD/DL Out Now The latest offering from rhythmic rockers Bitterman is dark and...

First look at Danny Boyle’s Sex Pistols film…what do you think

Like everyone we are intrigued by Danny Boyle’s upcoming film about the Sex Pistols...

Psychedelic Furs: Wrong Train – new video & revised UK tour dates

  Psychedelic Furs: Wrong Train - amazing new video and revised UK tour dates in...

New Machines: Four – single review

New Machines: Four (Bandcamp) CD | Vinyl | DL | Stream Out Now New Machines release...