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Tom Hyatt: Out Of Time – EP review

Tom Hyatt - Out Of Time (Self released) EP Available now Another young man with a guitar, Tom Hyatt is evidential proof of the enduring...

Boxes ‘Stickers’ – album review

....If you\'re a fan of Bon Iver\'s emotion-drenched angst, this one might be for you....

Smoke Fairies: Blood Speaks – album review.

The album flows like a stream through a forest in spring with subtle changes of pace into darker and then lighter areas.

Alberteen: Metal Book – album review

The sound is an amalgamation of themes; from gentle sixties inspired pop tones to throbbing rock, and everything in between.

Devin ‘Romancing’ – album review

"The giddy guitars almost trip over themselves, the tumbling basses and drums make it sound like half the record is falling down stairs..."

Joey Ramone ‘Ya Know’ – album review

Joey Ramone: Ya Know. Album Review.

Danny Elfman – Dark Shadows (OST) – Album Review

Danny Elfman - Dark Shadows (OST) - Album Review

The Hand To Man Band: You Are Always On Our Minds. Album Review.

The Hand To Man Band: You Are Always On Our Minds. Album Review. You will hopefully have read ourinterview with various members of The Hand To Man Band last week. The band comprise of, amongst others, Mike Watt & John Dieterich (Deerhoof). The interview was largely about the album the guys were about to release. It's due out on Tuesday & you can now read a review of the album by Leanne Durr.

PAWS: Misled Youth. EP Review.

PAWS: Misled Youth. EP Review. The Glasgow garage-pop-punks PAWS have served their debut EP with a hefty dose of nostalgia by releasing it as a limited edition hand-numbered cassette. Sarah Lay gives us a run through of Misled Youth.

Two Wounded Birds – ‘Two Wounded Birds’ – Album Review

Two Wounded Birds - 'Two Wounded Birds' - Album Review. Two Wounded Birds are from the sea-side town of Margate (UK) and they have a retro, surf sound surrounded by an edge of punk. Think sun, sand, leather and Raybans.

Marc Streitenfeld ‘The Grey (OST)’ – album review

The Grey (OST): Marc Streitenfeld. Album Review. Released back in January The Grey was a survival movie - following a plane crash a group of oil workers tried to survive whilst also being hunted by a pack of wolves. The film got reasonable reviews but what was the soundtrack like? Read on to find out.

The Cribs ‘In The Belly of the Brazen Bull’ – album review

Few bands have as consistent an output as the Cribs





Great Gig Memories: From Punks & Friends – book review

book review Great Gig Memories: From Punks & Friends compiled by Niall McGuirk & Michael Murphy...

Branch To Root: Jamais Vu – EP review and video premiere.

Branch To Root Jamais Vu EP Wreck And Ruin Records DL / Soundcloud Branch To Root are back...

Watch this! Prog supergroup Transatlantic release new single

Prog supergroup Transatlantic have released the video for Overture/Reaching For The Sky, taken from...

Post-Punk Politics and Irish Pirate Queens: An Interview with M(h)aol

'M(h)aol is about disrupting and changing the political reality we have access to. Everyone...

Repetitor – Prazan prostor među nama koji može i da ne postoji – review

Belgrade's brilliant rock band Repetitor, are back with a new album!