Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Waters – Out In The Light

Take the album as a whole and you are transported back to the guitar-as-heart music of the early 90s, and wonderful flavours of Jane\'s Addiction and Smashing Pumpkins come through readily

Air ‘Le Voyage dans la Lune’ – album review

No, it\'s not perfect, but then again some of the most beautiful and pioneering art is born out of imperfection... just as it was back in 1902

Ace Records latest reissues reviewed

more classic releases reviewed...

Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory

If you like Albini\'s peers and have a soft spot for raw, emotive songs that grab you by the throat and leave you singing along and dancing around your room, this is definitely for you.

Toro Y Moi : ‘June 2009’ : album review

Bundick has the cool, soulful sound as his home state predecessors James Brown, Chubby Checker, and Patti Drew, but with his own mellow electronic spin

LAVA│OX│SEA ‘Next Episode: Lord Smart Vs Dr. Jin’ – album review

LAVA│OX│SEA claim to be 'effortlessly pissing over anything referencing rock in the last ten years\'

Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas… Part Two Yesterday Mark Ray reviewed Old Ideas, the new record from Leonard Cohen, having grown up with his music. We figured a new...

Pulled Apart By Horses – ‘Tough Love’ album review

Firebrand proof of life in the UK punk undergrowth

Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas

Only a minor few can claim to have relevance after 40 years. What makes Cohen still relevant is that he is an artist, in the true sense of the word.

Carsick Cars ‘You Can Listen, You Can Talk’ – album review

Krautrock inspired, noise influenced Chinese rock...

Tribes – Baby: album review

An 11 track relentlessly hormonal lust story of adultery, aspirations and slackery

Dear Reader – Idealistic Animals

Fortunately though there is a line, however fine it may be, between refreshing pop and twee bullshit; Dear Reader just about tread it nicely.





Watch This! VEiiLA release live ambient version of Dust

layers of synths and drums have been replaced with washed out piano, while vulnerable soft singing blends with wailing of wind from the window.

Maita: Best Wishes – album review

Maita – Best Wishes (Kill Rock Stars) All formats Out now 8/10 Portland-based Maita’s debut album is a...

Thousand Yard Stare: The Panglossian Momentum – album review

There's plenty of 90s bands reformed over the years - Thousand Yard Stare were one of the most unlikely, but they're back, after a live record and two EPs - with their new album The Panglossian Momentum that's a fine addition to their underappreciated history.

Shaw & Grossfeldt: Klavier – album review

Shaw & Grossfeldt – Klavier   Drone Vinyl/Download/Stream Out on June 5 2020 7/10   The chance discovery of a...

Mad Daddy: EP#3 reviewed : Manx cats who rock the blues

EP Review Mad Daddy  - EP#3  (self-released) DL and Spotify Out now High-octane Rock 'n' Roll Punk Blues...