Monday, January 20, 2020
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alt-J : An Awesome Wave : album review

Beautifully intricate sounds which will appeal to a variety of generations.

Moonage daydreams with The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars

We say happy birthday to Ziggy Stardust with a retrospective on the starman.

Melvins Lite ‘Freak Puke’ – album review Melvins Lite ”˜Freak Puke' (Ipecac Recordings) CD/DL Released 4th June 2012 It must be hard work being a Melvins fan; such is the flow of material, just...

Japandroids ‘Celebration Rock’ – album review

Whiskey-soaked, bad-drug-taking, tangled hair and leather jacketed rock\'n\'roll.

You can still call him Al…

Graceland enthusiast Jim Rhesus pores over Paul Simon's 25th Anniversary CD and DVD.

Etta James ‘Queen Of Soul’ – album review Etta James 'Queen Of Soul' (Ace/Kent) CD/DL Available now A fantastic reissue of a remarkably ignored 1964 album by the late, great Etta James, who...

EL-P ‘Cure 4 Cancer’ – album review

Hurling us straight into an environment constructed of dark break beats set to science fiction samples.

2:54 ‘2:54’ – album review

Heavy as a brick wall collapsing and as beautiful as a butterfly flying past.

Ian McNabb ‘Little Episodes’ – album review

Every song resonates with real life, and it\'s possible to relate to almost any of the intelligently written lyrics.

Various Artists ‘Make It Your Sound, Make It Your Scene – Vanguard Records & The 1960s Musical Revolution’ – album review Various Artists ”“ Make It Your Sound, Make It Your Scene ”“ Vanguard Records & The 1960s Musical Revolution(Ace/Big Beat) CD/DL Available now Between the late 1950s...

Various Artists – The Detroit Funk Vaults – album review Various Artists ”“ The Detroit Funk Vaults (Ace/Big Beat) CD/DL Available now A blistering collection of obscure but prime Motor City funk, recorded between 1968 and 1979...

The Walkmen ‘Heaven’ – album review

The Walkmen surely know their strong suits, and Heaven assesses them seamlessly





Win tickets for the Scotland Calling Festival 2020

Win tickets for the Scotland Calling Festival 2020 Its cold, its wet, its January, arguably...

Major exhibition of great images from key Manchester photographer announced

David Gleave's stark black and whites really capture the grit of a city that is fast forwarding into a different future as it morphs from the post industrial city to the post punk city

CHECK MASSES release debut single – edgy take on Massive Attack/Gorillaz listen here

Sitting somewhere in that bricolage world of TV on the Radio, David Holmes, David Lynch, Ennio Morricone, Massive Attack, Gorillaz the song is a catchy and compulsive slice of 21st century pop but with a post punk edge.

Alien Tango: Dalston Victoria, London – live review

Alien Tango Dalston Victoria, London 10th January 2020 Alien Tango caught the attention of Keith Goldhanger at...

DARWIN ‘SO FEW COMETS’ Album Review : ‘brilliant eclectic atmospheric release with Bauhaus connections’

A music that matches the the devastation caused by the raging fires in 2017 that left the beautiful Californian landscape mirroring a barren, desolate, bare, lifeless backdrop