Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Ultrasound – Play for Today – album review

Long-awaited Ultrasound album falls short for our reviewer.

Scattering Ashes: Shadows – album review

Drums pound out a menacing call to arms. The guitarist flexes his shoulders and from the electric hum starts a riff to die for.

Punk Album Round Up: NoFX, Gallows, Fang, White Lung

Ok, all these releases deserve a full review, but after a slow start 2012 seems to be great year for punk-derived musics.

Conformist 'Paid To Fake It' – album review

Conformist 'Paid To Fake It' (Consumer Consumer Records) CD/DL Available now Music for the Ritalin generation... Conformist, AKA 29yr old Welshman Michael Simmons clearly spent some time selecting...

Jah Wobble & Keith Levene 'Yin & Yang' – album review

All in all, after sounding a bit disappointing on first listen, Yin & Yang is an eminently enjoyable album given a few hearings.

Toundra: III – album review.

They like vinyl, so that\'s another reason to like them.

Beth Orton: Sugaring Season – album review

After expressing doubts as to whether she would make a return to recording, Beth Orton finds inspiration and returns with the outstanding 'Sugaring Season'

Combomatix 'Combomatix' – album review

Combomatix 'Combomatix' (Frantic City) Vinyl LP Combomatix hail from the northern French city of Rennes; Rennes is an industrial city, the home to Citroen cars whose...

Grizzly Bear – Shields – album review

Cementing Grizzly Bear as a pioneering indie-pop band of today

Moon Duo – Circles – album

A whirlpool of fuzzbox addicted molten rock\'n\'roll.

The Fresh and Onlys – Long Slow Dance – album review

More mainstream sound emerges for American indie band.

Karriem Riggins: Alone Together – album review

After extensive session work with artists as diverse as Paul McCartney and Common, Karriem Riggins releases a solo album of jazz infused drum loops which are perfect for sampling





Fold: The Prize – single review

Fold: The Prize (Fold FM) Digital Download/Streaming Available now Yorkshire’s Fold are an intoxicating musical blend of funk,...

Duncan Reid & the Big Heads: Don’t Blame Yourself – album review and interview

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads: Don't Blame Yourself Little Big Head Records Out Now LP/CD/DL Duncan...

Jonny Banger: Diary of a Bootlegger – book review

Diary of a Bootlegger (Rough Trade Books) Out Now Diary of a Bootlegger tells a story...

Nile Marr : interview about his new EP and a musician’s life

The most important thing is that you come away with art. I’m getting to the age where there’s no point complaining about a lack of something happening, no excuse for it if you’re not going to do it yourself. I’ve always had that DIY approach to my own music.”