Friday, July 10, 2020
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Things we didn’t know a month ago: May 2020

Keith Goldhanger hasn't been out much recently however new tunes and new bands still seem to keep coming his way by the lorry load....

Manic Street Preachers: Gold Against The Soul – album re-issue review.

Manic Street Preachers finally re-release their least favourite album in a 120 page book with 2 CDs. Wayne Carey checks it out.

Lady Gaga: Chromatica – album review

Lady Gaga Chromatica Interscope Records Released on 29 May - all formats Buy album here. 8/10 Just in time for Pride Month in June, Gaga releases her unapologetic sixth...

Watch This! Manchester’s Suave Martyrs Show Us What A Weekend In The Life of An Underground Indie Band is like (Part 1)

Manchester quintet Suave Martyrs provide an insight in to what it's like to be an unsigned indie band in 2020.

Lucinda Williams: Good Souls, Better Angels – album review

Lucinda Williams has made the perfect protest album for our times. The only surprise is that her blend of blues, rock and country with incendiary lyrics took a 67-year-old woman to make the record we’ve all needed to hear. Tim Cooper listens and applauds.L

Alanas Chosnau, Mark Reeder ‘Children of Nature’ : album review ‘Beautiful, elegiac and compelling like New Order or Hurts ‘

Beautiful, elegiac and compelling like New Order of Hurts this already sound like a greatest hits album before it’s even released.

LISTEN! Monrhea deal stark, sparse, dark electronic music from Uganda

Monrhea is a mysterious figure. A woman from a one horse village in the middle of Kenya who creates these sparse and brilliant electronic soundscapes

The Hempolics: Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol.2 – album review

The Hempolics Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol.2 Zee Zee Records 3 July 2020 DL/CD/LPx2 The Hempolics release their second album through self-released label Zee Zee Records. Rhys Delany reviews. The...

Hinds: The Prettiest Curse – album review

Hinds – The Prettiest Curse Lucky Number All formats Out now 7/10   Hinds take a risky change of direction on their third album but it pays off. When bands...

Last Night From Glasgow: Isolation Sessions – interview

Last Friday (5 June) saw the release of a 4 track EP featuring the likes of bis and Mt Doubt. This is a taster...

Slabs of Paradise Aloud: Jason Williamson – The Poet in Motion.

Jason Williamsons’ Crackanory: Tony, Wrong John Silver, Southcrampton, Fuckin Nora, Mad Carol. "Communication is not only transmission; it is also reception and response" - Raymond...

WATCH THIS! Fireflies new video exclusive

Fireflies - The Machine Stops (Facility 4/K7) Out now Fireflies are Nina Walsh and Franck Alba. First appearing on Moine Dubh, the bespoke record label set...





The Mission re-record Tower Of Strength in mega-goth collaboration – news

The Mission have re-recorded their 1988 classic Tower of Strength, along with a cast of legendary musicians.

WATCH THIS! The Lovey Eggs new single

Today sees the release of The Lovely Eggs brand new single ‘Long Stem Carnations’ via Egg Records. The track, taken from their number one selling album ‘I am Moron’, is released on limited-edition coloured 7” vinyl and backed by brand new B side ‘The Voyage’.

Jeff Gomez: Zeppelin Over Dayton – book review

Zeppelin Over Dayton by Jeff Gomez Out Now (Jawbone Press) In his new book, Jeff Gomez breaks...

Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder – Children of Nature – Single Review

Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder Children of Nature Out Now Mixing modern minimalism with 80's cool, Alanas...

Watch This! Robyn G Shiels and Steve Nolan unveil new video

a disconcerting work of dark beauty, a sublime post folk nightmare.